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May 29, 2019


By partnering with the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) and Dr. Stu Buckner, WasteExpo is able to deliver a conference program that is more interactive and essential than ever before–providing you with everything you need to do your job smarter, safer and more efficiently!

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May 6, 2019

A Fresh Take: How Rising Leaders See the Waste Industry's Future | Business Insights & Policy

Workplace Threats & Violence: Hostile Customers, Active Shooters and More | Business Insights & Policy

Post China and the Current Status of Recycling (Recycling) | Business Insights & Policy

Welcome Onboard! Now What? | Business Insights & Policy

Show Me the Money: Finance Tips for Your Growing Business | Business Insights & Policy

Change is Coming: Insights into C&D Trends (Recycling, Zero Waste/Resource Recovery) | Collection & Transfer

Untapped Potential: Utilizing Drivers to Improve Your Sales and Enhance Your Brand (Public Sector, Fleet) | Collection & Transfer

HAULER ROUNDTABLE: How to Achieve & Maintain Operational Efficiency (Fleet) | Collection & Transfer

What’s New in Waste-to-Energy | Collection & Transfer

Composting Infrastructure Development, Air Permitting Requirements, Technology Innovations, and Alternative Technologies (Technology) | Composting & Organics Recycling

Anaerobic Digestion and Pre-Treatment Technologies for Processing MSW and Source-Separated Organics, Producing Renewable Energy & High-Quality Compost; Safety Management at AD Facilities | Composting & Organics Recycling

Successful Case Studies of Anaerobic Digestion, Biogas and Biofuel Production | Composting & Organics Recycling

Anaerobic Digestion and Emerging Technologies for Processing Organic Waste and Producing Renewable Energy Products (Technology) | Composting & Organics Recycling

Keynote Session: Solutions to Food Waste Prevention, Reduction, & Recovery | Food Recovery Forum

Advances in Wasted Food Policy, Practices, and Management; Highlighting What Cities, States, and Companies can do Differently When It Comes to Wasted Food (Public Sector) | Food Recovery Forum

Using Data and Technology to Drive Food Waste Reduction (Technology) | Food Recovery Forum

Consumer Acceptance of Upcycled Foods: Guidance for Manufacturers and Retailers | Food Recovery Forum

Food Waste Reduction and Recovery at Sports Stadiums and Other Large Venues | Food Recovery Forum

MUNI ROUNDTABLE: Municipal Recycling Issues (Public Sector, Recycling) | Processing & Disposal

How MRF Operations Are Affected by Stricter Standards in Fiber Markets (Recycling) | Processing & Disposal

People's Choice Session: The Latest Trends on Hard to Recycle Items (Recycling) | Processing & Disposal

Commodities: The Good, the Bad, The Ugly (Recycling) | Processing & Disposal

Swiping Right: Which Leachate Management Solution Best Suits ME? (Landfill) | Processing & Disposal

Autonomous Vehicles: Are We Any Closer? (Technology) | Technology & Innovation

New Data - Who Dis? What Data Collection Can Do for You (Technology) | Technology & Innovation

Robots & Recycling: A Dynamic Duo (Technology) | Technology & Innovation

Artificial Intelligence & the War on Contamination (Technology) | Technology & Innovation


May 7, 2019

Engaging Your Stakeholders: Affecting Positive Change (Public Sector) | Business Insights & Policy

Bidding Wars: Successfully Responding to Formal Municipal Bids (Public Sector) | Business Insights & Policy

RFID, PAYT - Are These the Future of Waste? (Public Sector) | Collection & Transfer

The Million Dollar Mistake: Avoiding the 5 Most Common OSHA Citations | Collection & Transfer

Food Waste to Energy via Anaerobic Digestion and other Technologies (Technology) | Composting & Organics Recycling

Anaerobic Digestion and Composting: Technology Improvements and Optimizing System Design; Organics Collection Strategies and Costs | Composting & Organics Recycling

Best Management Practices and Case Studies: Anaerobic Digestion with Food Waste and Co-Digestion | Composting & Organics Recycling

Meeting Capacity Needs for Processing Food Waste and Other Organics Using Existing Infrastructure at Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP’s) | Composting & Organics Recycling

Organic Waste Bans, Mandatory Organics Recycling Laws, and Related Strategies for Food Waste Management: An Analysis of Existing Policies, Challenges, & Opportunities (Public Sector) | Food Recovery Forum

NOTHING WASTED!: Industry Visionaries Discuss Solutions to Food Waste & Wasted Food | Food Recovery Forum

Technology Innovations and other Solutions to the Problem of Wasted Food | Food Recovery Forum

Source Separation and Collection in Commercial and Municipal Programs: BMP’s, Data Collection and Evaluation, Lessons Learned, Case Studies (Public Sector) | Food Recovery Forum

Plastic: Many Views on Single Use (Zero Waste/Resource Recovery) | Processing & Disposal

Cannabis Waste: A New Frontier | Processing & Disposal

Data Analytics & Measuring Success: Do They Go Hand in Hand? (Public Sector) | Technology & Innovation

Current Business Trends Shaping the Industry: What You Need to Know (Recycling, Zero Waste/Resource Recovery) | Technology & Innovation


May 8, 2019

Zero Waste: Fantasy or Reality? (Zero Waste/Resource Recovery) | Business Insights & Policy

The Future of Franchising (Public Sector) | Business Insights & Policy

The Latest on Sustainability Initiatives (Recycling, Zero Waste/Resource Recovery) | Business Insights & Policy

People’s Choice Session: Cleaning Up Contamination at the Curb (Public Sector) | Business Insights & Policy

Closing the Loop: Where Do We Stand on Circular Economy (Zero Waste) | Business Insights & Policy

New Contract, New Me: How to Prepare for Negotiations in Today's Climate (Public Sector) | Business Insights & Policy

Innovative Waste Conversion Technologies for Processing Bio-Waste and Creating Renewable Fuels and Energy – Part 1 | Composting & Organics Recycling

Maximizing Organics Waste Reduction and Diversion | Composting & Organics Recycling

Innovative Waste Conversion Technologies for Processing Bio-Waste and Creating Renewable Fuels and Energy – Part 2 | Composting & Organics Recycling

From Rotten Apples to Juicy Returns: Investors Discuss Financing Organics Recovery and Waste Management Projects | Composting & Organics Recycling

Technologies and Equipment for Managing Odors at Organics Recovery Facilities; Pre-Treatment Equipment for AD (Technology) | Composting & Organics Recycling

Panel Discussion: Scrap Your Fears About Food Waste: A Guide to Implementing an Organics Collection Program (Public Sector) | Food Recovery Forum

Food Rescue and Recovery: An Analysis of Problems and Solutions, Successful Strategies, Model Programs, and BMP’s for Fundraising | Food Recovery Forum

Food Recovery & Organics Recycling in Schools; Zero Waste Trends in Higher Education (Zero Waste) | Food Recovery Forum

Zero Waste, Above and Beyond Organics Diversion (Zero Waste) | Food Recovery Forum

Small Scale & Scalable Food Waste Recycling Technologies, Equipment for Food Waste Generators | Food Recovery Forum

Mixed Paper Bootcamp: Diving In (Recycling) | Processing & Disposal

Data, Drones & Case Studies: The Latest Trends in Landfill Management (Landfill) | Processing & Disposal

Taking Safety from the Executive Office to the Frontline | Processing & Disposal

Alternative Fuels: What Works for My Operation? (Fleet) | Technology & Innovation

Communication as a Tool to Boost Sustainability (Zero Waste/Resource Recovery) | Technology & Innovation

Single Stream vs. Dual Stream (Recycling) | Technology & Innovation



May 7, 2019

NWRA Safety Symposium

Composting and Organics Diversion Programs for Food Waste Generators

Introduction to Zero Waste Certified Training

Recycling Myths, Legends and Pseudoscience: Understanding Objective Realities in Materials Recovery


Spotlight Sessions

May 7, 2019

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: CEO Interview: One-on-One Chat with Bill Caesar

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: CFO Insights: A Look at the Waste & Recycling Industry

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Reducing Food Waste and Increasing Organics Recovery in Municipal, Regional, and Commercial Programs (Public Sector)

SPOTLIGHT SESSION: Navigating Technology in Waste & Recycling (Technology)


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