Change is Coming: Insights into C&D Trends (Recycling, Zero Waste/Resource Recovery) (WasteExpo 2019)

May 22, 2019

When people talk about recycling, they almost always mean municipal solid waste. MSW has gotten all the attention, but C&D represents as much or more material and new opportunity for greater landfill diversion.  In fact, by weight, construction and demolition materials are the largest waste stream in the United States. However, C&D recyclers face many challenges when it comes to these materials, including how to set up their operations to make viable end products. Join this panel of experts who will discuss the state of C&D recycling, along with several potential solutions. 

Moderator: William Turley, C&D Recycling Association
Speakers: Bill Bradley, 5280 Waste Solutions; Dr. Timothy Townsend, University of Florida; Tom Miles, Biochar Institute

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