Composting Infrastructure Development, Air Permitting Requirements, Technology Innovations, and Alternative Technologies (Technology) (WasteExpo 2019)

May 22, 2019

  • Survey of Air Permitting Requirements for Composting Facilities Across the U.S. Patrick Sullivan, SCS Engineers. CA

  • Upgrading ASP Aeration Systems to Manage High Solids Digestate. Michael Bryan-Brown, President, Green Mountain Technologies.

  • Maryland Environmental Services - The Financial and Operational Benefits of Demonstration and Pilot-Scale Organics Recycling Projects. Corinne Coe, Sustainable Generation, LLC. DE

  • From Dine to Swine: How Pigs are used to Recycle Food Scraps from Las Vegas Strip Hotels, Casinos, and Restaurants – Collection & Processing, Legal & Environmental Issues. James Combs, Las Vegas Livestock, NV

Moderator: Carla Castagnero, AgRecycle Inc.

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