Baker Commodities Buys Recycling, Rendering Firm

Baker Commodities Buys Recycling, Rendering Firm

Baker Commodities Inc. has acquired a recycling and rendering firm that supplies the biodiesel industry.

The Vernon, Calif.-based Baker Commodities, which also is a recycling and rendering firm, purchased a controlling interest in the San Diego-based New Leaf Biofuel. With the acquisition Baker can expand into other markets that vertically integrate with its rendering operations, and bring added value for the fats and oils it produces, the company said in a news release.

New Leaf Biofuel converts used cooking oil into ultra-low carbon biodiesel, which is used in commercial and municipal fleets throughout California.

“We are excited to have New Leaf Biofuel as a division that will continue the recycling of fats and oils into an environmentally clean and sustainable fuel for all Californians to use,” said Jim Andreoli Jr., co-president of Baker Commodities. “As renderers, we in the industry have been recycling fats and proteins for hundreds of years, and to be able to use these materials to further support our society’s needs is a natural fit for our rendering business.”

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