Terrepower Expands into Solar Recycling

April 24, 2024

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SPARTA, Tenn. --  TERREPOWER, the innovative solar system and EV battery lifecycle management division of BBB Industries (BBB), announces the launch of its solar panel recycling line at its facility in Sparta, Tennessee. The new solar panel recycling line further establishes the TERREPOWER commitment to sustainable manufacturing and renewable energy.

TERREPOWER offers complete separation of solar panel materials such as aluminum, glass, precious metals, silicon, plastic, and components. This advanced technology allows for more efficient offloading of materials for reuse. This is a significant departure from traditional recycling methods.

"We can reduce environmental waste by getting the most value out of the original component before it's recycled," said Maria Caballero, President of TERREPOWER. "With the addition of our fully automated recycling machine, it now enables us to address the solar waste issue while complementing our existing sustainable manufacturing process."

The Sparta facility is currently capable of handling up to 160,000 panels per year for recycling. As the company ramps up operations and additional recycling projects emerge, this capacity is expected to increase significantly in the next few years.

"Our goal is to divert solar waste from landfills and utilize waste streams efficiently," said Caballero. "Bringing recycling in-house allows us to service our customers under one roof while significantly scaling up our recycling efforts."

In the past year alone, TERREPOWER recycled more than 2,000,000 pounds of solar panels through partnerships, equivalent to roughly 40,000 panels. With the introduction of in-house recycling, TERREPOWER aims to recycle 8,000,000 pounds of solar waste annually, further bolstering its environmental impact.

TERREPOWER's recycling capabilities extend to all monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. The company collaborates with various partners to repurpose separated materials, including glass for construction and aluminum for local applications.

About BBB Industries 

BBB Industries, LLC is a leading sustainable manufacturer serving the automotive, industrial, and renewable energy markets. With an extensive footprint and operations throughout North America, BBB entered the European market in 2020 and now sustainably manufactures and supplies an assortment of nondiscretionary repair parts across more than 90 countries. TERREPOWER is a division of BBB that services the electric vehicle, energy storage and solar markets across both North America and Europe. Founded in 1987, BBB Industries, LLC is a private company with corporate centers located in greater Mobile, Alabama and Dallas, Texas. Please see www.bbbind.com for more information.


TERREPOWER is an industry leader and innovator in the sustainable manufacturing of components driving our clean energy and mobility future. From upcycling and improving the longevity and performance of EV batteries and other components to refurbishing and recycling solar systems to drive the circular economy, TERREPOWER's mission is to give new life to critical components and materials to lower costs, reduce waste, reuse resources, and protect the environment. Established in 2009, Ontility is TERREPOWER's brand of comprehensive solar lifecycle solutions and energy storage systems. TERREPOWER is a division of BBB Industries. Go to www.bbbind.com/terrepower for more information.

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