CheckSammy Joins the Cyclyx Consortium

August 29, 2023

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PORTSMOUTH, N.H.-- Cyclyx Internationala consortium-based, post-use plastic innovation company with a mission to increase the recyclability of plastic from 10% to 90%, announces CheckSammy, a leading waste management solutions provider, is the newest member of the Cyclyx Consortium.

CheckSammy works with over 125,000 clients throughout North America as their enabler within the circular economy. CheckSammy seeks the most environmentally and fiscally sustainable methods for handling waste material, including post-use plastic. CheckSammy utilizes its nationwide network of 25,000+ reverse logistics and recycling facilities and 5,000+ haulers to provide same-day, on-demand service from coast to coast. Currently, of the sustainability services provided by CheckSammy, post-consumer plastics account for 45% of the material involved. Now as a member of the consortium, CheckSammy will be able to leverage Cyclyx's unique ability to find recycling options for currently hard-to-recycle plastics, find new recycling pathways, and keep plastic waste out of the landfill. This work will also enable CheckSammy's clients to fulfill their sustainability goals and objectives, backed by their extensive data capture to fuel ESG reporting.

"We're excited to become a member of the Cyclyx Consortium, and can't wait to bring CheckSammy's data-backed sustainability solutions to fellow Consortium members," said Sam Scoten, CheckSammy's Co-Founder and CEO. "We pride ourselves on not only being experts in the planning of projects that make the most sense for our clients, but also being `boots-on-the-ground' in the proper execution of those projects." 

CheckSammy's solution-based approach is a pursuit that aligns perfectly with Cyclyx's 10to90® mission brand, which is dedicated to increasing the recyclability of plastic from 10% to 90% through community engagement, all-plastic collection and landfill-diversion programs, and education initiatives. There is also a symmetry between 10to90 programs and CheckSammy's Drop program, an initiative designed to streamline and simplify waste material collection. Both companies recognize that a circular economy requires the participation of businesses and communities alike-which means eliminating possible barriers of entry.

"The similarities in our intrinsic values and approaches to facilitating sustainable, circular solutions is what make CheckSammy such a good fit for our Consortium, as well as a possible future collaborator for our 10to90® programs," said Ron Sherga, the VP Member Engagement of Cyclyx. "Both CheckSammy and Cyclyx agree that the best way to optimize the recyclability of post-use plastic is by making resources and programs simple to understand and accessible. As a result, we can keep more post-use material out of the landfill."

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