This Week in Waste: Top Stories November 6 - November 9

This week in waste, the top stories from include a new CEO, the fight for the right to repair, landfill to RNG projects, and more!

Gage Edwards, Content Producer

November 10, 2023

#5 - SCS Engineers Names Doug Doerr as CEO

SCS Engineers has selected Doug Doerr as its new president and Chief Executive Officer. Doerr will take over for outgoing CEO James Walsh beginning January 1, 2024. 

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#4 - Enbridge Primes RNG Prowess With Purchase of Seven U.S. Facilities

Enbridge has taken another significant step in the business of manufacturing and transporting renewable natural gas (RNG)—by announcing the purchase of seven operating U.S. landfill gas-to-RNG facilities from respected, experienced RNG developer Morrow Renewables.

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#3 - Right to Repair Wins in California With U.S. Proposal in the Works

California has passed the Right to Repair Act (SB-244), legislation that mandates electronics manufacturers to provide parts, tools, and guides to third-party repair shops and the public, potentially boosting business for repair services and addressing the growing e-waste problem.

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#2 - EVENSOL, Republic Services Launch Landfill-to-RNG Projects in North Carolina

EVENSOL LLC, a renewable energy project developer specializing in biogas and methane mitigation, has announced the successful launch of two state-of-the-art RNG facilities in North Carolina.

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#1 - Reimagining Waste: How Management Practices Shape Economic Circularity

Historically, the flow of goods and materials through society has been described as a linear economy that involves the supply chain (i.e. production and distribution of goods) and subsequent activities including use and disposal.

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