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Google Sets Zero Waste Goal for Data Centers

Currently, six of Google’s data centers have already achieved this goal.

Google has recently committed to a Zero Waste to Landfill initiative for its data centers. With this initiative, Google will aim for a 100 percent waste diversion rate at all of its data centers. Currently, six of Google’s data centers have already achieved this goal and approximately 86 percent of its waste is treated in a sustainable matter.

In addition to Google’s zero waste goal for its data centers, the company is also ramping up its zero waste approach for its onsite kitchens.

Engadget has more:

So much of the world runs on Google, be it Docs, Gmail, YouTube or just search. But few of us know that much of what keeps the whole thing chugging along is the company's data centers, located all around the globe. And, as you might expect, it takes a lot of power and resources to do all that data churn, which is potentially quite wasteful. Thankfully, however, the search giant has committed to a new initiative called Zero Waste to Landfills so that all of the waste from those data centers will be reused or diverted to a more sustainable route.

Read the full story here.

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