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Eight Major MillerCoors Breweries Earn Landfill-Free Verification

MillerCoors is the first beverage company to have all of its major breweries verified as landfill-free by NSF International.

All eight of MillerCoors' major breweries have earned landfill-free verification from the global nonprofit public health organization NSF International through its sustainability division, making it the first beverage company to have all of its major breweries verified as landfill-free by NSF International. To earn verification, organizations must demonstrate than no more than 1 percent of waste generated at a single site goes to landfill. In addition to that, organizations must provide documentation and implementation of waste sorting and management processes, active employee training programs and routine audits to ensure compliance.

“MillerCoors' commitment to stewardship has been strengthened by verification to NSF International’s landfill-free program,” said Jenny Oorbeck, general manager of sustainability for NSF International, in a press release. “Verification to this program demonstrates that MillerCoors has a structured process to identify, quantify and manage waste streams ensuring landfill-free status. This achievement highlights MillerCoors’ dedication to environmental leadership and social responsibility.”

MillerCoors began its journey to landfill-free operations in 2009, when the company set a goal to reduce its brewery waste by 15 percent by 2015. Since 2009, MillerCoors has reduced its waste across the organization by 89 percent. Now, the company is working toward achieving landfill-free operations at all its U.S. majour manufacturing sites by 2020.

“Receiving verification from such a reputable organization like NSF International is a tremendous accomplishment, and a testament to the progress we have made as a company and to the work of our employees,” said Kim Marotta, MillerCoors director of sustainability, in a press release. “We are so proud of this recognition, and it will help us build momentum in achieving our ambitious 2020 sustainability goals.”

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