The Wally Shop sources farmers market produce delivered in reusable packaging and picked up again for reuse.

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February 22, 2019

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The Wally Shop is a zero waste grocery delivery service that sources local, organic ingredients from farmers markets and bulk stores to make responsible grocery shopping convenient.

Created to address the global waste problem and addiction to single-use plastic, The Wally Shop takes an eco-friendly approach to modern day grocery delivery services by offering a completely zero waste shopping experience. By utilizing couriers who both drop off and retrieve customers’ reusable packaging, The Wally Shop breaks down barriers to sustainable grocery shopping.

While managing the packing and shipping department at Amazon, The Wally Shop Founder and CEO Tamara Lim became aware of how much unnecessary packaging is used daily and the difficulties of zero waste grocery shopping.

“I want to help break down the boundaries that come with being a sustainable consumer—having a delivery service that brings you local, fresh produce in reusable packaging allows shoppers to make better choices without sacrificing time or convenience,” said Lim in a statement. “The reusable packaging supports a shift toward a circular economy, where there is no waste involved.”

The Wally Shop’s selection features seasonal produce currently available at local farmers markets and bulk shops such as dry goods like grains, beans and nuts, as well as coffees, teas, bread and spices. In the coming weeks, the service will expand to feature more categories like seafood and meats. The Wally Shop advocates for transparency by providing customers with product sourcing information in its order receipt and on its website.

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“It’s important for us to provide locally sourced ingredients—they taste incredibly fresh and flavorful, have low carbon footprints and are package free. It’s the healthiest option for you and for the environment,” noted Lim.

When orders are placed, The Wally Shop carefully selects groceries at local farmers markets and bulk food stores the day of the delivery, meaning the customers will often receive produce that came straight from the farm that morning. Everything is delivered in reusable packaging, which is picked up again during a future delivery for reuse, creating a closed loop system without anything going to landfill.

Currently, The Wally Shop is serving select neighborhoods in Brooklyn, N.Y. The Wally Shop hopes to expand its services into more New York City neighborhoods and other cities, such as San Francisco and Boston.

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