Biomax’s Rapid Thermophilic Digester Brings Tech to Organic Waste

May 6, 2024

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SINGAPORE– With the global populations generating increasing amounts of waste, the need for proper waste management has arisen. Fronted by their Thermophilic Digester capable of converting any organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilisers, Biomax is set to lead the waste management industry with their inventive technology which provides a sustainable solution for proper waste management.

Existing Waste Management Technologies

Globally, existing waste management technologies most popularly include incineration and landfills. However, these two methods are neither sustainable nor eco-friendly, both producing greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. While the concept of recycling is not something new, there has been a growing need to improve such recycling technologies to ensure that waste management is executed as sustainably as possible. Many ‘green’ recycling technologies still involve incineration as part of their process, which continues to result in the output of harmful materials, such as toxic ash, into the environment. Conversely, Biomax’s patented Thermophilic Digester seeks to defy this by converting waste into useful materials and without the environmentally harmful output.

The Technology Behind Biomax’s Rapid Thermophilic Digester

Biomax is fronted by their award-winning patented Rapid Thermophilic Digester, a powerful biotechnological innovation which treats organic waste at high temperature in an automated enclosed system by the means of decomposition, reducing air pollution and killing harmful pathogens. The process starts with waste being loaded into the digester. In the digester, patented BM1 enzymes, developed by their own researchers, accelerate the aerobic fermentation process at around 80°C for 24 hours—the fastest of its kind in the waste management industry.

The biotechnological marvel of the digester lies in its ability to convert a wide range of organic wastes including sludge, livestock waste, food waste, waste wood and more into odourless, pathogen-free, and high-nutrient fertilisers. These high-nutrient fertilisers are suitable for use in Organic Agriculture and have high commercial value.

Most importantly, harmful pathogens are killed during this round-the-clock recycling process as compared to other methods of waste disposal which can result in heavy air pollution and the release of greenhouse gases. Biomax’s technology can also be easily operated with minimal manpower and maintenance while also converting waste material into usable products at a much faster rate in comparison to the natural decomposition process.

Biomax’s digester and enzyme technology has been patented in 46 countries and over 80 cities and can be applicable to a variety of industries including the hospitality industry and the food manufacturing industry.

About Biomax

Founded in 2009, Biomax is a Singapore-based green technology company fronted by an award-winning patented solution to convert all types of organic waste into high-quality, pathogen and odour-free, organic fertiliser in 24 hours – the fastest process of its kind in the global waste-management industry. Biomax's approach aligns with the principles of zero waste and zero carbon, contributing to sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact. With business partners and digesters installed worldwide, Biomax continues to lead the way in green technology solutions for organic waste management.

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