The Story of a Sustainable Future: e2AS

May 6, 2024

1 Min Read

ESA Waste Solutions operates in waste management since 1992. His iconic product is the 2AS – Two Automatic System, a vertical and bilateral waste collection system, combined with aboveground HDPE containers, underground containers and solar compactors.

The system is single operator and allows to work directly from the cab through the use of a joystick, with countless benefits on the health of the worker.

The electricity market is also gaining ground in the waste collection sector: vehicles powered by electricity that can ensure a reduction in polluting emissions while maintaining high operational efficiency.

ESA’s bilateral collection system 2AS - Two Automatic System has fully embraced the electric powered philosophy, creating the e2AS, a silent zero emission waste collection system.

With a single e2AS recharge, it guarantees the operation on two shifts of approx. 200 empty containers (14h of continuous work), and is back in service in less than 3h with a charging station of 100 Kw/ h CC.

The vehicle is designed to allow the optimization of the collection paths by tracking the route with GPS. The collection activity can be combined with smart containers that allow the indication of the filling level. 2AS containers have the advantage of being made of recycled and recyclable plastic (HDPE). Choosing this collection system represents a clear intention to move towards a real sustainable future.

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