Walking the Talk: How the Waste Industry Must Turn Sustainability Strategies into Action

Tequila Smith, Executive Vice President of Reworld Waste, spoke at WasteExpo Sustainability Talks and emphasized the imperative for companies in the materials management industry to adopt sustainable practices to mitigate climate change impacts and align with evolving market demands.

Alan Hitchcox

May 7, 2024

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In the wake of climate change and the market’s swiftly evolving demands, sustainability has become a must-have for companies of every variety. But to help overcome today’s mounting environmental challenges and still meet financial objectives head-on, those in the materials management industry must take an honest and rigorous approach to our own strategies and their execution. This was the message delivered by Tequila Smith. Executive Vice President of Reworld Waste, LLC.

Ms. Smith described real-world consequences of climate change by offering that hurricanes, tornados, rainstorms, and blizzards cost the U.S, nearly $150 billion last year alone. These costs will likely increase as a consequence of the increasing frequency and ferocity of these climatic events.

Her presentation also explained the importance of aligning ecological strategies with economic incentives. In line with this is the importance of assessing the value chain, maintaining transparency and practicing diversity, equity, and inclusion to attract cooperation within an entire organization.

Another important point Ms. Smith brought home is that industry executives need to integrate sustainability into their business. This can be accomplished by aligning corporate and personal responsibility. Pointing out how the consequences of ignoring sustainability affect investors, policies, and human resources can prove quite convincing. Ultimately, the opportunity of sustainability practices can enhance efficiency, drive revenue, increase profits, and attract top talent.

Accomplishing these strategies require the essential steps to make a powerful, long-lasting difference.

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Alan Hitchcox

Alan Hitchcox is a contributing writer for Waste360. He spent almost 40 years as a technical editor and writer for five publications.

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