Florida Legislature Passes Two Key Solid Waste Bills

The Florida legislature has passed two solid waste bills the state chapter of the National Solid Wastes Management Association (NSWMA) said would be key gains for the industry.

The first bill, House Bill 503, rewrites environmental permitting laws that would double the term of permitting extensions for solid waste facilities to 20 years from 10. Facilities without leachate collection systems could extend their permit terms to 10 years from 5. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Jimmy Patronis (R-Panama City), the NSWMA said in a news release.

The second bill, House Bill 7003 sponsored by Rep. Steve Crisafulli (R-Merritt Island), would create a statewide environmental resource permitting system. The legislation would provide consistency to the five Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) districts with regard to the permitting process.

NSWMA Florida Chapter Chairman John Clifford said he was pleased with the passage of the two bills. “Our chapter's two top priorities were passed this session, and both of them were unanimously approved,” he said.

The NSWMA hopes both bills will be signed into law by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The association said each bill protects the environment without presenting a burden to industry.

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