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Salem, Ore., Considers Plastic Grocery Bag Ban

City officials are expected to vote on whether to adopt a plastic grocery bag ban later this month.

Officials in Salem, Ore., will decide later on this month whether the city will become one of the latest in the state to adopt a ban on plastic grocery bags.

Environmental activists have maintained that plastic bags harm the Earth and wildlife. But grocers in Salem worry that if customers aren’t required to pay a small fee for recycled paper bags, the ban could force stores into raising their prices to offset costs.

If Salem adopts the ban on plastic grocery bags, it will join the ranks of cities like Portland and Corvallis.

The Statesman Journal has more:

A proposed ban on single-use plastic bags will come before the Salem City Council later this month amid a broader push to increase environmental protections across the city.

Councilors will consider the ban at their Aug. 27 meeting.

But local grocers warn that if customers aren't required to pay a 5-cent fee for recyclable paper bags, they could be forced to raise prices at Salem stores to offset costs. Paper bags cost retailers significantly more than plastic.

Read the full article here.

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