Prescott's Old Landfill to Get Costly 'Final Cap'

September 25, 2014

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Prescott's Old Landfill to Get Costly 'Final Cap'

The Daily Courier

Much of the community's junk from the 20th century lies deep within a massive mound off Sundog Ranch Road, and the city's solid waste department wants to keep it that way.

Over the next two months or so, construction will be underway on the old Prescott landfill to apply a final cap - a step that city officials say is necessary to keep the old garbage contained.

Currently, the 55-acre flat-topped site is showing signs of wear and tear. Erosion-control netting is exposed along some of the steep slopes, and runoff water has cut deep ruts into the road leading up to the top.

On Tuesday, the Prescott City Council approved a $1 million contract with Earth Resources Corporation for the improvements and repairs that are necessary at the old landfill.

Prescott Field and Facilities Services Director Stephanie Miller said the final cap is a required step when a community closes a landfill, as Prescott did more than a decade ago.

The site had served as Prescott's dump since the 1930s. In anticipation of the closure, the landfill became inactive in 1998, and then in 2002 it was officially closed.

That set off a federally mandated closure and maintenance plan, which likely will be a perpetual concern for the community.

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