May 1, 2001

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Liner Notes

Carol Green

CETCO, Arlington Heights, Ill., now offers Bentomat CLT, a reinforced geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) that consists of a layer of sodium bentonite between two geotextiles, which are needle-punched together and laminated with a textured high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet. The product is designed for landfill cap and containment applications, but can be used in other applications, according to the company.

Colorado Lining International, Parker, Colo., fabricates and installs geomembranes for landfill liners, covers and daily covers. The company also supplies and installs geonets/geocomposites, erosion mats and geotextiles.

Comanco Environmental Corp., Tampa, Fla., installs waste and liquid containment systems using natural material and synthetic liners and drainage systems. The company builds containment systems ranging in size from 1 acre to 300 acres.

Drainage Products Inc., Windsor Locks, Conn., manufactures “Drain-Away” prefabricated drainage systems, a prefabricated plastic cuspated core enveloped in non-woven geotextile material that is designed to allow ground water to permeate while preventing adjacent soil from washing through the core. This product is designed to lower the water table without the additional cost of aggregate, according to the company.

Engineered Textile Products Inc., Mobile, Ala., offers a number of engineered textile products, such as geomembranes, geotextiles and liners made from polypropylene, Elvaloy and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), for leachate containment, landfill covers, landfill liners and alternative daily covers. Standard daily landfill covers are available in 50 feet by 50 feet, and 50 feet by 100 feet. Custom-fabricated covers also are available.

GSE Lining Technology Inc., Houston, offers the GSE GundSeal GCL that the company says is 1,000 times less permeable than conventional fabric-encased GCLs. The bentonite is attached to the geomembrane using a nontoxic, nonpolluting adhesive, creating a double-barrier system that acts as a self-sealing composite liner, according to the company. GundSeal GCL can be used as a replacement for compacted clay liners or as a product composite liner system (geomembrane/clay), the company says. GSE Lining also offers GSE HD and HD geomembrane liners, drainage products, geotextiles and specialty geomembrane products.

Huesker Inc., Charlotte, N.C., produces a range of geogrids to reinforce soil slopes or provide veneer reinforcement for soil covers over steep slopes. Fortrac geogrids are comprised of polyester filament yarns with PVC coating. Strengths range from 1,500 to 15,000 pounds per foot of wide-width tensile strength, according to the company.

Leak Location Services Inc., San Antonio, Texas, provides survey services for locating leaks in the geomembrane liner of newly constructed landfill cells. Unlike conventional testing, this service is performed after the drainage material is placed on top of the geomembrane so that leaks caused during the construction phase or soil placement phase are detected and located.

Poly-Flex Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas, manufactures smooth edge Textured SE geomembranes, to provide the option of designing steeper slopes. The geomembrane has 7-inch smooth edges on both sides of the sheet to provide the same seaming parameters as a smooth sheet, and to address the concern of minimizing texturing to optimize welding, the company says. Additional personnel to clean dirt and moisture from the seaming surface is not necessary, according to the company.

Serrot International Inc., Henderson, Nev., offers a line of geosynthetics including the Serrot HD (high-density polyethylene); Serrot LD (linear low-density polyethylene); Serrot Textured and Serrot PP (polypropylene) geomembrane liners; Poly-Net drainage nets; Tex-Net geocomposites; Bentofix Thermal Lock geosynthetic clay liners; GeoLok Cellular Confinement Systems; Hydrotex fabric formed concrete; Geotex, Landlok, Pyramat and Bon Terra geotextiles and erosion control products; geogrids, geotextiles; and HDPE and PVC pipe.

Synthetic Industries, Chattanooga, Tenn., offers Geotex and Landlok lines of geotextiles and erosion control products from SI Geosolutions. The product lines are designed to control pollution and improve water quality, and are manufactured at ISO-9002 and ISO-14001 certified facilities, the company says.

Wyo-Ben, Billings, Mont., provides Envirogel products that create low-permeability liners when mixed with local soils, according to the company. Envirogel has been applied to municipal landfills, hazardous waste sites, water containment reservoirs and construction sites to control run-off. The company also offers products for landfill liners and caps.

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Carol Green is Waste Age's Directories Editor.

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