April 28, 2011

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A Royal Mess

Unless you’ve been living in a total media blackout, you’re well aware that all eyes are on London as Prince William prepares to wed commoner Kate Middleton tomorrow. Incalculable gallons of ink have been spilled over every aspect of the event, from what the bride will be wearing to the prospect of the decorous ceremony being ruined by unceremonious Tweeters. But what has received less attention is the sheer volume of trash that will be left behind in the wake the massive event.

According to a thorough report in the U.K. Daily Mirror, the wedding will precipitate 140 metric tons of waste, a figure the paper cheekily compares to 50 Rolls Royces. Veolia Environmental Services will be handling all of the sanitation duties, and at least 100 extra staff will be working overtime to help with the cleanup. I see a lot of rice and dove droppings in their future.
And lest you worry about the state of the roads for the wedding procession, the Mirror is here to soothe your fears:

“The one-and-a-half mile route has been spruced up for days, thanks to a total of 400 litres of degreaser, dozens of brooms, shovels and hoes.”

I’m assuming the last were a remainder from William’s bachelor party. Nice of them to pitch in.

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