March 3, 2021

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J&M Sanitation

KUNA, Idaho -- J&M Sanitation, a family-owned business serving Kuna, Idaho, has deployed two all-electric Class 8 refuse trucks, the first such battery-electric, zero-emission vehicles in Idaho. The trucks are replacing two current diesel vehicles, resulting in cleaner air and a lower carbon footprint. J&M is the first company in Idaho to own and operate electric refuse trucks and now operates two of only ten in North America.

The BYD 8R heavy-duty trucks feature BYD's proprietary electric propulsion system designed specifically for refuse collection. With 295kWh of battery capacity, the trucks are built to support a full day's operations. The cabs, chassis, and propulsion systems were built by BYD and are equipped with 31-yard automated side-loader bodies made by Amrep, a refuse truck body manufacturer.

The all-electric trucks feature an all-Hardox 450 body shell, providing unparalleled strength and durability with a 175k psi rated hopper and body – offering an exterior 4x stronger than ordinary mild steel grades – while weighing 20% less than a traditional refuse truck.

J&M Sanitation trucks run each weekday, each serving about 800 Kuna homes resulting in 1,065 lifts of the arm daily and approximately 18 tons of refuse collected. Without opportunity charging, each of the trucks can return following a completed route with 18% remaining State of Charge (SOC). J&M plans to utilize opportunity charging– plugging in during routine downtime – to maintain additional SOC throughout their routes.

"Our company made this investment to not only serve the community we love but also preserve the community," said operation manager Chad Gordon of J&M Sanitation. "We are a small, family-owned business. We care enough about our environment that we wanted to make the switch to zero-emission, electric vehicles. It is time for our industry to make changes to help preserve the natural beauty of our world. We can make a difference and we wanted to be a catalyst for change."

"As the waste management industry seeks to provide zero-emission trucks for the communities they serve, J&M Sanitation is demonstrating with BYD that battery-electric trucks are ready to fully support their operations," said Aaron Gillmore, BYD's vice president of truck business. "Our trucks are hard at work every day, proving that electric is the new standard."

"Amrep is known for being 'west coast clean' and 'east coast strong,'" explained Alan Blanchard, regional sales manager, refuse bodies for Amrep. "Working as a partner to deploy one of the first all-electric refuse trucks is a testament to that statement and we couldn't be prouder to be a part of leading change within the industry."

BYD electric trucks are clean and quiet, with fewer moving parts than carbon-burning trucks. With fewer vibrations than conventional vehicles, the BYD trucks provide the operator with a better driving experience.

"As a small, family-owned company, we were able to make the change from diesel to the electric waste removal vehicles long before legislation mandated the change," said J&M Owner and CEO Tim Gordon. "I want to encourage legislators from across the country and government officials from the energy department to consider legislation that encourages other waste removal companies to make this change sooner. If a small company like ours can make the change, larger companies can too." 

ABOUT J&M Sanitation
J&M Sanitation is a family-owned, local waste and recycling collection company that has been providing trash and recycling services for Kuna and Melba, Idaho for the last 35 years. The company has always prided themselves on providing the highest quality of service to their customers. In the effort to compete with the nation's largest haulers J&M Sanitation has worked hard to be on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly technology.

The Official Sponsor of Mother Nature™, BYD, which stands for Build Your Dreams, is the world's leading electric vehicle company with proven innovative technology for cars, buses, trucks, forklifts, and rail systems – like SkyRail. BYD is dedicated to creating a "total solution" with its zero-emission ecosystem offering technology for solar electricity generation, energy storage to save the electricity, and battery-electric vehicles powered by that clean energy. BYD has 220,000 employees across the globe, including nearly 1,000 in North America.

Globally, BYD has committed to corporate social responsibility, deeply monitoring our supply chain in terms of human rights, environmental safety, hazardous substance control and intellectual property rights. We only select suppliers who share our commitment to just labor practices, human rights standards and the environment.

For more information, please visit or follow BYD on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Contact: Jim Skeen/media relations specialist at [email protected] / 661-436-0513

About Amrep
A family-owned business employing more than 200 people, Amrep was incorporated in 1976. Over the past four decades, Amrep has introduced numerous innovations to the waste-hauling industry, becoming a premier refuse body company. The company is continuously striving to be on the leading edge of technology, placing quality and customer service first and foremost.

In early 2019, Amrep® proudly became part of the Wastequip® family of brands. Wastequip is the leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment in North America — offering steel and plastic products, systems and solutions to help municipalities and waste haulers collect, store, transport and manage a wide range of waste and recyclables. Wastequip is the parent company of Toter®, Pioneer™, Mountain Tarp™, Go To Parts™, Amrep™, Galbreath® and Accurate™. For more information, please visit

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