March 12, 2021

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It doesn’t matter which coast you’re on, or if you’re anywhere in between. You’re never far from Amrep. A Wastequip brand, Amrep builds truck bodies with features to lighten the load and keep your fleet running efficiently.

What sets Amrep apart from the competition?

  • Amrep products are easy to maintain. This means less downtime and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Amrep products are the most durable. Without question, Amrep makes the most durable refuse body in the market. Made entirely from AR450 steel (Hardox 450)) Amrep’s bodies are abrasion-resistant with incredible hardness, and are unmatched on impact toughness.

  • Amrep uses hydraulic cylinders. These purpose built, Amrep-made products fit specific applications and they provide optimal quality and performance.

What is Hardox® 450?

It's an abrasion-resistant steel with a nominal hardness of 450 on the Brinell scale. To determine nominal hardness, a hardened steel or carbide ball under standard load is forced into the metal’s surface. The ball’s indentation diameter is then measured by a microscope to determine overall hardness. A score of 450 is higher than white cast iron—which is 415—a steel normally used to manufacture cement mixers. Nitrided surfaces, used in die-casting tools and firearm components, are the only category higher on the scale.

Why Hardox® 450 matters

Hardox 450 is weldable and bendable, yet able to take on incredible wear and tear. It provides superior abrasion and dent resistance, contributing to increased life. For Amrep customers, this equates to less downtime.

Technologies for clean and efficient waste collection

For any season, in any region, Amrep bodies can handle the rigors of refuse collection. It’s not just toughness, but technological advancements and small details that combine to make an efficient and dependable product, designed to keep drivers safe and on schedule.

For the front and automated side loaders, users have advantages such as:

  • 100% Hardox 450 body shell for increased durability

  • 108-inch arm reach, and a dump cycle in 8-10 seconds, for productivity

  • Dump-cycle leveling for clean, efficient collection

  • Gripper pads for any size container for increased versatility

  • Optional dual packer blade for better efficiency

  • Zero radius arm helps reduce spills for cleaner operation

Amrep is always looking toward the future

Amrep recently worked with commercial electric vehicle manufacturer BYD in the production of an all-electric refuse truck. The trucks, developed by BYD, feature a proprietary battery and electric drive technology. The vehicles accept different body designs, and Amrep was the best choice for the project, offering the most in durability, efficiency, and longevity.

The waste collection industry anticipates strong growth in electric vehicles, but they are just starting to be developed and adopted. Amrep has a legacy of innovation and is proud to be on the leading edge with this project.

Part of a coast-to-coast network

Amrep is part of Wastequip, the leading North American provider of end-to-end waste equipment, with a continental manufacturing presence. Its large network of dealers and service centers provides local support, and keeps customer fleets on the road.

Wastequip recently opened the first locations of its new waste equipment parts-and-service centers, called Wastequip WRX. Created to further support their customers at the local level, these centers specialize in maintenance and repairs for Amrep and other Wastequip brands, keeping OEM parts in stock, to get customers back to work, fast. Wastequip WRX locations are currently open in Arlington, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and Pompano Beach, FL, with several more on the way.

Amrep offers flexible purchasing with optional financing

Customers can purchase Amrep through dealers, distributors, or directly from the company.  Amrep is also available through HGACBuy, a nationwide, government procurement service that streamlines purchasing for government and non-profit member agencies — offering competitively solicited purchasing contracts. 

Amrep products can also be financed up to 100% through Wastequip. This financing is available to customers of all sizes, from independent operators to nationwide haulers, providing flexibility and helping customers preserve capital. Wastequip offers competitive rates and rapid approvals to get you the equipment you need — quickly.

Amrep: past, present and future

Amrep was incorporated in 1976. Over the past four decades, Amrep has introduced numerous innovations to the waste-hauling industry, becoming a premier refuse body company.

In early 2019, Amrep® proudly became part of the Wastequip® family of brands. Wastequip is the leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment in North America — offering steel and plastic products, systems and solutions to help municipalities and waste haulers collect, store, transport and manage a wide range of waste and recyclables. Wastequip is the parent company of Toter®, Pioneer™, Mountain Tarp™, Go To Parts™, Amrep™, Galbreath® and Accurate™.

Amrep will continue to strive to be on the leading edge of technology, placing quality and customer service first and foremost. For more information, please visit

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