March 23, 2023

Ever wonder if what you are being told by your marketing company is true? Are you concerned with how your competition shows up on the first page of Google above you? And finally, do you pay money to a company for help with digital marketing, but have no idea what that money is really for or where it is going? This hour long session will clearly take apart the three areas on the first page of Google where your business could show up, and help you understand the pros and cons of how these three spots on the first page of Google can affect your business' bottom line in a simple and easy to understand way. This class is taught so you can take knowledge back to your business that will help you better understand what you should look for when you are striving to make your website help grow your gross revenue using Google and the Internet. Finally, we will leave room at the end of the session for an open question and answer period. Bring all those questions that are driving you crazy about trying to understand how Google and the search engines affect your business!

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss the three areas of the first page of Google and how you can use these areas to drive revenue to your business

2. Explore the pros AND the cons to using Google and the search engines to grow your business

3. Discover what you should look for in a digital marketing vendor and how to hold them accountable for ROI

4. Bring clarity to nagging questions and existing struggles business owners have with Google and the search engines

Speaker: Mick Credere, Director at Advanced Wastewater Promotions

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