Top 10 Technology Driven Productivity Tools (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

Running field crews successfully is a challenge for most any business. Ensuring performance efficiency and profitability requires timely communication, crew accountability and quick data and information turn around. However, most companies continue to operate as they did twenty-five years ago. Today, immediate and accurate information is indispensable, billing turnaround is critical, crew accountability is indispensable, and timely quality control is vital. In short, time is money, and the more efficient we are, the better our bottom line looks.  There are a number of emerging technological breakthroughs that provide powerful tools to help businesses perform more efficiently and effectively. Some of these tools include: Google Drive, UnEarth, Bluebeam, Scribble, Splashtop, fleet management and maintenance software, Online communication platforms, among others. In this session we will look at technology options that just may be what your company needs.

Learning Objectives:

1. Become more effective communicating with crews and holding them accountable

2. Stay better informed on field operations and have timely access to project information

3. Have real-time quality control and swift feedback

4. Implement an efficient operations strategy with Immediate access and transfer of data and information

Speaker:  Jim Aanderud, Coach/Consultant at The TUIT Group

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