Grout-In-Place Liner (GIPL) Systems: State of the Industry Practices

March 23, 2023

Grout-in-place liner (GIPL) systems place a relatively thin thermoplastic material that has been extruded with a stiffening profile tightly inside an existing pipeline. The placement is either by machine winding into place or by hand placement. This presentation will review the GIPL systems such as Danby System, Sekisui-SPR, and the 3S Segmental Panel System, etc.  Also, we will discuss the Back River Influent Sewer Repair Project in Baltimore, MD as a case study.

Learning Objectives:

1. Define the GIPL options

2. Explain the GIPL installation 

3. Discuss the GIPL standards 

4. Discuss testing and QA/QC

Speakers: Tom Iseley, Professor of Engineering Practice at Purdue University; Saleh Behbahani, Civil Engineer at Purdue University 

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