Cross Bore Prevention and Detection (WWETT Show 2023)

March 23, 2023

With the number of utilities using directional drilling as a pipeline renewal method, it is of great importance that utilities and municipalities have a set of guidelines to detect and protect them as well as their customers from delays in service, potential for injury, death or catastrophic damage due to cross bores.  Cross bores are defined as the intersection of an existing underground utility or structure by a second utility resulting in direct contact between the transactions of the utilities that compromises the integrity of either utility or underground structure.  Nationally, .02 percent of sewers are damaged by cross bores annually. Many are undetected until the sewer backs up and needs to be cleared.  The National Association of Sewer Service Companies assembled a Cross Bore Prevention Committee made up of Contractors, Engineers and Municipal representatives to discuss best practices and real-world experience to develop a comprehensive set of guidelines for utilities, drilling contractors and municipalities to use.  This presentation will introduce the guidelines that have now been developed and are being shared across the nation including step by step procedures to follow prior to drilling and follow-up procedures to take after the drilling is complete. The guideline includes communication with the customer (homeowner) and documentation as well as what to do with legacy detection of cross bores.  The guidelines are applicable to all utilities doing directional drilling for sanitary and stormwater pipeline work.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss what a Cross Bore  is

2. Discover how they are caused  

3. Prevent and Detect Cross Bores 

4. Review NASSCO Cross Bore Prevention and Detection Specification Guidelines

Speaker: Jerry Weimer, Owner at Jerry Weimer Consulting

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