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Over 215,000 Madison Area Households Can Now Recycle Paper CupsOver 215,000 Madison Area Households Can Now Recycle Paper Cups

December 3, 2021

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Over 215,000 Madison Area Households Can Now Recycle Paper Cups

MADISON, WI  — 'Tis the season for grabbing a paper cup brimming with a favorite warm beverage and, starting today, Pellitteri Waste Systems customers and Madison residents can recycle their empty paper cup in curbside recycling carts. Previously, paper cups were not a part of the accepted recyclables. Thanks to new recycling sorting technology added to Pellitteri Waste Systems’ material recovery facility, paper cups can be recycled with food and beverage cartons and other paper products. This program expansion is supported in part with a grant from the Foodservice Packaging Institute and the Carton Council of North America.

“The City of Madison is committed to growing its opportunities for recycling,” said Bryan Johnson, recycling coordinator for the City of Madison. “City of Madison is thrilled to bring paper cup recycling to our community with the help of FPI, the Carton Council, and Pellitteri Waste Systems. We encourage residents to clean and empty their paper beverage cups, like coffee and soda cups, and place them in their recycling.”

Pellitteri Waste Systems residential recycling customers include the Cities of Brodhead, Fitchburg, Middleton, Monroe, Sun Prairie, and Wisconsin Dells, along with 16 townships, 10 villages,  and 29 HOA’s in Southern WI.  Verona will be served by Pellitteri in 2022. Pellitteri’s commercial customers can now also include paper cups for recycling in their single-stream recycling dumpsters. Waste haulers and recycling collectors that utilize Pellitteri Waste Systems Material Recovery Facility such as UW-Madison and Faherty Inc. (41 additional SW Wisconsin municipalities served) will also include paper cups to their accepted single-stream recyclables collection.  The paper cup addition aligns the region with major metropolitan communities like Detroit and Atlanta that welcomed paper cups for recycling this Fall.

“Pellitteri and the City of Madison are making great strides in their recycling efforts to add paper cups to its program. The collected material is returned to local manufacturers in the state that process them into new materials like tissue paper,” said Natha Dempsey, president of FPI. “We are proud to partner with Pellitteri Waste Systems and our FPI members to support this partnership to enable residents to recycle rather than dispose of these items.”

Paper cups and cartons are collected at the curb in recycling carts or in commercial recycling dumpsters and then sorted at Kipp Street Station, Pellitteri Waste Systems’ material recovery facility. Recycled paper, including paper cups, is then sent to paper mills in the Great Lakes region to make new recycled-content products, such as paper board, tissue, and containerboard.

To increase awareness, Pellitteri Waste Systems will add paper cup recycling information to their ongoing recycling educational campaign which features 20 recycling tip videos, social media content, and other advertisements. The campaign provides numerous resources for residents and businesses and reminds the community that all recyclables should be clean and empty when placed in recycling carts or dumpsters.

To learn more and see a list of all items accepted for recycling, visit www.pellitteri.com or https://www.cityofmadison.com/streets/recycling. ###


About Pellitteri Waste Systems

Pellitteri Waste Systems provides state-of-the-art waste disposal and recycling collection and processing service to commercial, industrial, and residential customers throughout Southern Wisconsin. It is a third-generation, family-owned company based in Madison with a proud tradition of service and community involvement. Pellitteri currently services over 53,000  homes with fully automated cart service throughout Southern Wisconsin,  come 2022 this grows to over 60,000 households served. The company sorted over 97 million pounds of mixed recycling in 2020 at their local Material Recovery Facility. For more information, visit www.pellitteri.com.

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