National Storm Recovery Expands Into Wood Recycling Facility

HumiSoil and XLR8 Bio are using patented VRM Biologik technology to collect hurricane Ian debris for conversion into leading soil moisture products.

October 25, 2022

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The Sustainable Green Team LTD (OTCMKTS: SGTM), an industry-leading wholesale manufacturer and supplier of consumer and industrial wood-based mulch, soil, and lumber products nationwide, today announced that its subsidiary, National Storm Recovery, has signed a 5-year lease agreement for approximately 10 acres of industrial land in Ocoee, FL. National Storm Recovery will utilize the site for an additional wood recycling facility. The property has also been used for wood waste recycling for the last ten years.

This facility’s services are intended to support the City of Ocoee, Orange County, Florida and the State of Florida by providing a temporary storm debris and staging site for disaster-related contractors and for the collection and short-term storage of landscape and tree debris as part of any disaster recovery efforts. SGTM will also be utilizing VRM BioLogik’s Groundswell Continuous Fermentation process to produce soil treatment products that rebuild soil hydration on a cellular level from the collected vegetative and wood waste. SGTM recently signed a partnership agreement with Australia-based VRM Biologik Group, that will bring VRM’s world-leading soil moisture technology, HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio®, to the United States.

VRM Biologik’s technology uses any vegetative green waste or compostable material, including wood material such as sawdust or chips or grindings from wood material, and applies a catalyst to stimulate natural reactions that manufactures and stores soil moisture. The 100-percent organic material is converted into HumiSoil®, a valuable soil amendment, reducing the need for fertilizers and chemicals while increasing production of agricultural products, including livestock grazing on pastureland.

Tony Raynor, founder, president, and CEO of The Sustainable Green Team, commented, “The timing of our National Storm Recovery subsidiary leasing this new wood recycling facility couldn’t be better coming less than one month after Hurricane Ian hit and our recent partnership with VRM Biologik was announced. Hurricane Ian turned out to be a top 5 U.S. storm and may have caused as much as $67 billion in damage in Florida.”

“With that level of damage, Hurricane Ian deposited millions of tons of organic material in Florida and waste facilities are groaning under the additional load. Our recent partnership with VRM was especially advantageous as we are now working together to help collect the storm debris and process it using the exclusive VRM Biologik technology that enables wholesale gas emissions to be avoided and instead become a resource for depleted soils in the form of VRM’s world-leading soil moisture technology, HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio®,” concluded Mr. Raynor.

About Sustainable Green Team Ltd. (SGTM)

The Sustainable Green Team Ltd. (the “Company”) is a wholesale manufacturer and supplier of wood-based mulch, soil, and lumber products, selling directly to mass merchandisers, home centers, hardware stores, nurseries, garden centers, convenience stores, food stores and drug stores, in addition to wholesalers and distributors. The Company also provides arbor care and storm recovery services at the residential, commercial, and municipal levels while offering green waste solutions to large and small scale waste disposal and recycling companies located throughout the southeastern United States. The Company’s subsidiary, Mulch Manufacturing Inc., is the largest provider of cypress mulch in the country. 

The Company has entered into an agreement with Australia-based VRM Biologik Group to bring VRM’s world-leading soil moisture technology to the U.S. at scale. HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio® are soil treatment products that rebuild soil hydration on a cellular level, improving the soil and the vegetation and agricultural products it supports.

The Company will make HumiSoil® and XLR8 Bio® available for home gardens and lawns throughout the U.S. to help relieve water use in cities and also to help VRM Biologik Group in its mission to restore productivity in depleted topsoil in 25 percent of the world’s arable land.

About VRM Biologik Inc.

VRM Biologik Inc. holds exclusive rights for management and deployment of intellectual property of the VRM Biologik Group in the USA. VRM Biologik has innovated many methods and products to enhance photosynthesis and hydrogen management in soils and water. This includes the revolutionary deployment of catalysts which stimulate Biological Hydrosynthesis – a natural reaction which captures atmospheric carbon and results in the manufacture of additional water – in depleted and dry soils. The VRM Biologik Group is headquartered in Queensland, Australia and operates regenerative programs across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

To learn more, please visit, or, or feel free to visit SGTM’s YouTube Channel.

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