October 9, 2020


Date: Oct 8, 2020

A Chat with the Chairman: Interview with Ron Mittelstaedt

With more than 30 years of experience in the solid waste industry, Founder and Executive Chairman of Waste Connections Ronald J. Mittelstaedt will sit down with NWRA President Darrell Smith to share his take on leadership, the future of M&A, company culture, and predictions for the industry over the coming years.

Moderated by: Darrell Smith, President & CEO, National Waste & Recycling Association

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The Ups & Downs of Recycling

The last few years, recycling has been one longer roller coaster ride consisting of steep drops, sharp turns, and dizzying speeds - setting hearts racing around blind turns and leaving even the most seasoned professional breathless. Our speakers will discuss what has happened so far, what is around the next curve and whether we can expect the ride to flatten out.

Brent Bell, Vice President Recycling/President WMRA, Waste Management
Peter Wright, Assistant Administrator Office of Land and Emergency Management, Environmental Protection Agency
Bridget Anderson, Deputy Commissioner, Recycling and Sustainability, NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY)

Moderated by:
Anne Germain, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, National Waste & Recycling Association

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Rising Leaders Talk Trash

Join this panel of next generation rising leaders to hear their perspective on where the waste industry is headed. These 40 Under 40 Award winners will discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the waste industry, how the upcoming workforce differs from previous generations, how they see the industry changing, and more.

Alexandria Coari, Capital & Innovation Director, ReFED
Josh Mann, Public Sector Solutions Manager, Waste Management
Turner Wyatt, Co-Founder & CEO, Upcycled Food Association

Moderated by:
Zach Martin, President, Big Truck Rental

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What Do They Want? - Sustainability! -- When Do They Want It? - Now!

Customers are definitely leading the charge on sustainability and circularity. This session will take a closer look into customer behavior. What drives customers? Take a look at your customer base and how they are reacting to marketplace changes. The speakers will work through the supply chain - from manufacturing through to the end consumer - discussing salient issues and sharing customer stories, data and insights. Every industry is publicly voicing their stance, sharing their goals, and being transparent regarding their role in sustainability. The goals are impressive and attainable. The interesting fact is that each industry circles back to our industry in some way - packaging, food, textiles, energy, the list goes on. Join us as we take a closer look at the customer's role and how it drives our industry.

Jeff Hentges, Senior VP of Operations, Rehrig Pacific
Kristin Kinder, VP of Research and Waste Stream Sustainability, Wastequip

Moderated by:
Stefanie Valentinc, Editorial Director, Waste360

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Feet on the Street Atlanta - The Recycling Partnership's Case Study on Citywide Contamination Reduction

Feet on the Street was originally launched as a pilot program by The Recycling Partnership (TRP) in part to answer China’s National Sword policies. It now serves as a foundational model for TRP’s contamination-fighting methods implemented in communities across the country.

Join the stakeholders involved in Feet on the Street (FOTS) – Atlanta and learn about the program’s inception, execution and success. Hear about their role in FOTS, challenges faced, lessons learned and initial results from the program’s first year.

You’ll see never-before-shared data about the program, including: updated contamination rates after tagging Atlanta’s 98,000 single-family homes; multicultural communications best practices; capture rate studies from 15-plus multi-family properties; and more. Walk away with the inspiration and data to make real changes or improvements in your own cities or businesses.

Kanika Greenlee, Executive Director, Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission at City of Atlanta
Moses Tejuoso, Community Affairs Manager, Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission at City of Atlanta
Nicole Smith, Sustainable Packaging Program Director, Coca-Cola North America

Moderated by: 
Cecilia Shutters, Recycling Technical Advisor – Atlanta, The Recycling Partnership

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Adam Minter – Stuff: The Hidden Borderland of Waste and Recycling

In the early 2000s Adam Minter began exploring the hidden world of globalized recycling, producing groundbreaking reports from China, India, Ghana, and other countries. Then, in the mid-2000s, he abruptly shifted focus to the world of thrift stores and secondhand goods. In his talk, Minter will explain the circumstances that led him to this shift, and show why the growing tide of "single-use stuff" - from fashion to furniture - should concern waste and recycling professionals as much if not more than better-known problems like single-use plastics. Using his signature method of narrative storytelling, Minter will merge his personal experiences and observations with globalizing trends to illuminate this emerging frontier in recycling and waste management.

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Independent Haulers & The Role of Technology

For large hauling companies, implementing technology is a no-brainer – it helps manage thousands of trucks to improve route optimization, safety, business operations, and more. But for smaller companies, is technology always a realistic and necessary option? Whether it’s due to the financial burden, lack of technology expertise and training, or insufficient manpower, there are several factors smaller, independent operations need to consider when exploring a new technology. Join this independent hauler panel as they discuss the pros and cons of implementing technology and whether it really makes sense for all operations, large or small.


Alex Carrasquillo, Fleet Technology Manager, All Waste, Inc.
Bill White, Co-Founder, Estes Waste Solutions
Matt Coulter, Vice President of Sales, Strategic Operations, and Special Projects, PDC Services, Inc.
Kevin Atkinson, President & Owner, Texas Pride Disposal

Moderated by:
David Ische, Head of Business Development, AMCS Group

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The New Modern MRF - Shaping Today’s MRFs in the Wake of COVID-19

Materials recovery facilities (MRFs) are getting smarter. From upgrades, to layout changes, to robotics, these facilities are being revamped and designed to handle the ever-changing recycling market. In addition to making these facilities more efficient, these advanced technologies can help make facilities safer, which is especially important as industry employees keep working through the pandemic and facility operators make changes to help ensure workers are safe on the job. Find out more about the latest technologies and how COVID-19 may change what MRFs look like in the future.


Nathiel Egosi, P.E., President, RRT Design & Construction
Chris Hawn, CEO, Machinex Technologies, Inc.
Brent Hildebrand, Vice President of Recycling, GFL Environmental, Inc.

Anne Germain, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, National Waste & Recycling Association

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Business & Resilience: Facing COVID-19 Uncertainty

Business resilience is defined as the ability of an organization to adapt to disruptions, while maintaining business operations. In other words, when faced with a crisis or economic slowdown, resilient organizations are built to ride out that uncertainty. In this session hear from experts on how to maintain your business post-COVID-19. 

Phyllis Karasov, Shareholder, MSBA Certified Labor & Employment Specialist, Larkin Hoffman
Patrick J. Cole, Shareholder, Larkin Hoffman
Thomas J. Flynn, Shareholder, Larkin Hoffman

Moderated by: 
Michael O'Connor, Managing Partner, Premier Waste Services, Inc.

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Anaerobic Digestion, Composting, Successful Case Studies, and Comparison of Organic Waste Management

Yaniv Scherson, Managing Director, Western U.S. Anaergia
Brian Paganini, VP, Quantum Biopower
Eric Herbert, CEO, Zero Waste Energy & President, Bulk Handling Systems
Patrick Sullivan and Raymond Huff, SCS Engineers

View the session here.

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