NothingWasted!’s Top 10 Episodes from 2019

We highlight 10 of our most popular podcast episodes of the year along with a sneak peek from each.

Liz Bothwell, Head of Content & Marketing

December 18, 2019

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2019 was a year of the voice—think Alexa, Google Home and the rise of the podcast! And we were delighted to let so many top industry voices be heard on our newly launched podcast, Waste360’s NothingWasted!

Guests talked about their vast experiences in the industry along with their top challenges, future outlooks and everything in between.

In this gallery, we highlight 10 of our most popular episodes of the year along with a sneak peek from each. Listen to all the episodes here. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their smart insights that will inspire you for the New Year!

About the Author(s)

Liz Bothwell

Head of Content & Marketing, Waste360

Liz Bothwell is head of content and marketing for Waste360, proud host of the NothingWasted! Podcast, and ghostwrites for others to keep her skills sharp and creative juices flowing. She loves family, football, her French bulldogs, and telling stories that can help to make the world a more sustainable place.

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