September 15, 2019

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Intelligent sorting devices including optical sorters, robots, and even humans on the QC line, are an integral part of today’s MRF system. They are more capable than any other machine of making intelligent decisions based on the visual or material characteristics of an item. But in order for these machines to perform their best, they must be fed an optimal stream of material: a single layer of similarly sized material. Sizing screens, ballistic separators, air systems, and other machines all play a part in properly preparing this material for intelligent sorting. Van Dyk introduces a new wind system, called DeftAir, to allow operators to dramatically increase paper quality with intelligent separation while maintaining very high production rates. The system sits in-front of separation equipment and blows a steady stream of air onto the belt to stop fiber and other lightweight materials from floating as the accelerator belt speeds up. The belt can reach speeds of 1,000 feet-per-minute while DeftAir maintains the relative speed of the material, keeping everything still. The combination of stable fiber and high-speed ensures the optical sorters achieve maximum sorting efficiency while the system achieves high production.


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