Innovation & Advancement Through Partnership (WasteExpo 2021)

July 22, 2021

An ever-evolving waste stream pushes the recycling industry to keep advancing. However, that can be a daunting task for an individual organization. That is where partnerships can drive progress in improving recycling and recycled-content manufacturing. Currently, there are programs available to municipalities and materials recovery facilities (MRFs) to improve processing of materials, such as cartons and polystyrene foam, and increase participation through community outreach support. There are other programs that are providing MRFs assistance and funding pilot projects that address gaps in the glass recycling supply chain. And yet another program that aims to identify and nurture ideas, and pair with potential funding for improving access, infrastructure and end markets. This session will provide insight on how partnerships can equal organizational success and industry progress through support, resources and funding.

Jordan Fengel, Sustainability Manager, US & Canada, Tetra Pak
Marissa Segundo, Senior Communications Strategist, RRS
Natha Dempsey, President, Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI)
Scott DeFife, President, Glass Recycling Foundation

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