60-minute Snapshot: Debunking the Myths of Cart Manufacturing (WasteExpo 2022)

June 6, 2022

There’s a lot of inaccurate information about cart manufacturing. Maybe you even believed some of it before you tuned in to this session! Join experts in a lively conversation about roll-out carts and gain a better understanding of how carts are manufactured, how materials are sourced, what role automation plays in the world of carts, what technological advances are entering the market, what challenges come along with carts, what makes a good cart and more. 

Brett Belda, Vice President, Sales, Schaefer Systems International, Inc.
Laura Hubbard, Director of Municipal Sales, Toter
Mike Schwalbach, President, Sierra Container Group
Scott Downer, Director, Cascade Cart Solutions
Steve Fenzl, President, FleetGenius
Sean Mason (Moderator), Vice President, Sierra Container Group

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