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Encina Appoints Sheida Sahandy as Chief Sustainability Officer

Encina CSOencina.png

THE WOODLANDS, Texas --Encina Development Group (“Encina”), a company that turns waste plastics into circular chemicals is delighted to welcome Ms. Sheida Sahandy as its Chief Sustainability Officer.

“Sheida has 25 years of expertise in leading complex initiatives and empowering more efficient and sustainable operations, both internally and for customers,” said David Schwedel, Executive Director of Encina. “Sustainability is Encina’s key strategic mandate, and I am confident that Sheida will lead our environmental, social, and governance imperatives to success.”

Sheida brings to Encina a cross-section of experience spanning business, government, science, and law. After graduating from Columbia Law School, Sheida practiced corporate and securities law, focusing on access to capital markets and M&A transactions. She then earned a Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government with a focus on environmental science and policy. She has experience in regulatory, legislative, and governance systems at the federal, state, and local levels with deep experience in the creation of public/private partnerships to advance environmental and social goals. Most recently, she served as a member of the executive cabinet for Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, where she led the turnaround of the State agency responsible for the recovery of the nation’s largest estuary.

“I am extremely excited to step into this role and help make the promise of circular economies a reality at this critical juncture in time,” said Sheida. “My mission is to create a strong sustainability agenda and fully integrate it into our corporate strategy, enabling long lasting success for our customers while doing good for the planet and future generations.”

Sheida holds a BA from UC Berkeley, a Juris Doctorate from Columbia University School of Law, and a master’s degree from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

About Encina Development Group

Encina Development Group produces circular chemicals from waste plastics. Encina’s basic circular chemical products provide the building blocks for customers to meet their renewable content goals and enable the cyclical production and reproduction of products across a broad spectrum of ubiquitous goods, including consumer products and packaging, pharmaceuticals, construction, and much more. www.encina.com.

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