August 14, 2020

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Stellar Industries was established in 1990 as the first US corporation to design and manufacture a domestic hydraulic hooklift hoist. Over the last 30 years, Stellar has continued to grow the line and today, Stellar boasts the largest, most diverse line of hydraulic hooklift hoists in the North America market. With both articulating tilt and sliding jib hooklifts, Stellar offers nearly fifty different models covering a wide range of capacities and body sizes.

In addition to hooklift hoist, Stellar also designs and manufacturers premium cable hoists and container carriers. Since adding these products to their offerings in 2008, Stellar has used innovative design processes to improve almost every facet of these products.

The Stellar® Hooklift Hoist

When it comes to the Stellar® Hooklift System, the simplicity of design and operation continue to be top priorities. With a single truck, an operator can load, unload, or change bodies without leaving the truck cab. This increases efficiency and productivity while cutting down on operational costs and maintenance. 

The Stellar® Cable Hoist

In 2008, Stellar Industries jumped into the market running with their desire for innovative designs and manufacturing processes.  The latest improvements include forward mount, reverse mount and above frame models. More efficient piston pumps and cable routing, zinc-plated pins, and decreased unit weight which, in turn, increases the payload.

The Stellar® Container Carrier

The Stellar® Container Carrier Line offers a complete line of product for all container delivery, switching, and dumping needs. From the standard model with optional 360-degree rotator attachment to the robust ECCR featuring extendable forks, no other container carrier on the market allows for easier pick-up and placement of containers, continuous rotation for dumping from either side, or the unique ability to distribute significantly more weight to the front axle of the chassis.

Stellar continues to bring the best quality and highest performing equipment to the market. With multiple products for a variety of industries, Stellar is proud to be there for all your hooklift and demountable needs.

To learn more about Stellar Industries and all their product offerings visit their website,

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