Hemster Launches Garment Rescue Kits to Reduce Fashion Waste and Fuel the Circular Economy

March 25, 2022

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NEW YORK  -- Hemster, the company that uses its turnkey platform to help thousands of shoppers achieve the perfect fit from anywhere, today announced the launch of its new garment rescue kits. With this launch, Hemster is helping consumers shop sustainably, beginning with their own closets.

In line with Hemster's mission to add 20,000 years of life to garments by the end of 2022, the kits will include a recycled shipping bag that customers can fill with items that need to be repaired. They'll use Hemster self-service portal to simply place their repair order, ship their labeled Rescue Kit to Hemster, and its team of Garment Experts will repair all items for free, including patching holes, repairing seams, replacing snaps, and replacing buttons – all with sustainable materials. Orders can be placed via Hemster's website and will cost $40, or $35 for existing Rinse customers.

"So many people want to be more sustainable but have no idea where to start. Clothes will sit in people's closets with broken zippers or buttons, and end up getting donated, recycled or thrown away, filling our landfills with garments that could have been given another life," says Allison Lee, CEO and Founder of Hemster. "We launched rescue kits to help encourage shoppers to look into their own closets to repair the items they love that they may have thought were long gone. Every time a garment is repaired, 3.5 years are added to its lifespan. Our goal is to expand the lifespan of as many garments as possible."

Hemster's continued sustainability efforts are a direct response to the market and where the fashion industry is headed. To understand consumer trends around how people are donating, recycling, re-selling, and throwing away garments, Hemster polled about 5,000 active Hemster users. 56% of users surveyed report they have at least 3-5 damaged garments in their closet. Over 60% of users don't know of another option other than throwing these garments away.

Hemster's rescue kits are the latest development in the company's ongoing efforts to support sustainable fashion.To purchase Hemster's rescue kits or to learn more about the brand's sustainability initiatives and survey results, please visit https://www.hemster.co/sustainability.

About Hemster: Hemster partners with brands to go beyond traditional sizes by offering customization in the form of tailoring. From the tailoring process, Hemster collects the reusable fit data as "Patterns", which customers use to purchase their next garments with their own personalized fit over small, medium or large.  The tech-enabled platform captures reusable data to create an individual customer's perfect fit through mass customization down to the quarter inch. With every garment fitting the customer perfectly, retailers immediately see higher conversion and lower returns, and ultimately a significantly higher repeat purchases. For more information, visit https://www.hemster.co.

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