Trash to Treasure: Redefining "value" in the Waste Stream (WasteExpo 2023)

June 15, 2023

There’s impact and then there’s unique and extraordinary impact. In Philadelphia there’s an unlikely relationship between the for-profit C&D recycling company, Revolution Recovery (RR), and the art & culture nonprofit, Recycled Artist in Residency (RAIR). By existing in the same space, RAIR’s creativity is a deep a source of pride for RR and in turn, RR gives artists an immersive experience in the waste stream. A truly unique enclave for arts & culture.  Hear how this 10+ year partnership, with international recognition, is demonstrating how the juxtaposition between art and industry, with functionally different organizations, can be mutually beneficial and stronger in surprising ways.  This session will show how embracing creativity can spur a larger dialogue on, and unique diversion methods for the waste industry. It will also: Demonstrate how for-profit/nonprofits partnerships multiply impact. Show how creativity opens dialogue and inspires behavior change at the individual, organizational, and community scales.  Join us, if like these companies, you’re willing to think differently, find common ground, and have a desire to help change the way people think about waste.

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