Sustainable Collaboration Across the Public/Private Sector -- Common Goals & Aspirations (WasteExpo 2022)

June 2, 2022

With recycling rates averaging only 30% in the US there is plenty of room for improvement.  Many companies and organizations have sustainability strategies that include goals to increase the capture and use of recycled content.  These goals are often worked on within an organization where the scale and impact can be limited and not widely accessible or beneficial.

Learn how The Recycling Partnership, the City of Baltimore, Dow and Rehrig Pacific Company have used their individual sustainability goals and aspirations to form a common foundation for collaboration.  This session will explore how this public/private sector partnership has successfully delivered and implemented almost 200,000 roll out carts across the city.  This inclusive and equitable new solution will enable The City of Baltimore to increase household recycling by 80% and will capture as much as 40 million additional pounds of recyclable material.

HyeSook Chung, President, Baltimore Civic Fund
Cody Marshall, Chief of Community Strategy, The Recycling Partnership
Jonathan North, Vice President Sustainable and Core Solutions, Rehrig Pacific Company
Kristyn Oldendorf, Chief, Office of Waste Diversion, Baltimore City Department of Public Works
Jennifer Ronk, Senior Sustainability Manager, Dow

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