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Clothing Crafted with Sustainability at the Forefront

COVID-19 has changed nearly everything, including how we buy clothes. Consumers are no longer interested in fast fashion and are focused on sustainable, slow fashion.

With a focus on artisan products and items with a focus on craftsmanship, hand-made and made to order items are now the new luxury. Consumers are also interested in supporting brands with conscious and ethical products. Slow fashion prioritizes product quality, longevity and minimizes waste.

Agua and Sika are two fashion brands focused on the slow fashion trends. Agua creates two collections each year. “We found that collections were not living in the stores for long before they were on sale, and we didn’t find that sustainable,” Isabella Behrens, one of the brand’s creative directors. And Sika sells a line of made to order garments out of handmade-batik from Ghana.

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