Agile On Demand Waste Collection

Why it should be a part of your future business.

June 27, 2018

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Agile On Demand Waste Collection

Why on demand?

Living in a digital age and in an age where customers expect instant responses, it becomes increasingly important to adapt your business processes accordingly. One of the key answers to this challenge is agile route optimization. Implementing this in your business will not only increase its level of customer service levels and responsiveness, it will also dramatically decrease costs and increase earnings.

In the traditional world of waste collection and transportation, giving customer better service levels, allowing for last minute changes, softening up on fixed collection frequencies, removing order cut-off time, and in general offering more flexibility to your customers, will have huge positive cost implications. In this article, we will give examples of how to turn increasing customer demands into your competitive advantage.

How on demand?

In order to be able to adapt to such customer requirements, having a new generation route optimization software can make all the difference in the world. To understand how agile route optimization can help your organization, and thereby your customers, below is a list of items that will make life a whole lot easier when handling on demand collections:

  • Self-service for customers; they book an order online by themselves and are presented with the best possible routes, times and prices for the customer to choose from.

  • Automatic monitoring of fill-levels combined with fill-up forecasting determining the optimal time of collection.

  • Planning dynamic order types, like roll-off, instantly and incrementally to facilitate ongoing capacity overview and continuous route optimization as additional orders comes in.

  • Precise monitoring of execution; be able to see if a stop was not served as planned and live rescheduling to the most optimal time.

What one needs to be able to handle on demand collection, is an agile and incremental planning and optimization system that also includes real-time optimization. Luckily, AMCS' intelligent route optimization solution, Waste Planner, facilitates exactly the set of qualities outlined above, which will support your move towards an agile organization embracing on demand collections.

Agile organizations are the future

On demand collection consists of many overlapping processes, but with AMCS’ solution, one does not have to succumb to unnecessary order deadlines. Activities are performed continuously in overlapping processes and not necessarily in sequential batch processes. Integrated with the surrounding systems (like ERP, web portals, CRM and driver mobile systems), the solution exchanges data and reacts instantly to changes.

With this solution, AMCS offers a truly competitive product that is leading the industry on real-time and agile optimization within on demand waste collection with agile plans and limited plan locking. With AMCS Waste Planner, the waste management company becomes agile.
AMCS Waste Planner enables the company to quickly and efficiently respond to requests, changes and to optimize the operation on the fly. It gives relevant stakeholders direct access information, and last but not least, allows them to make independent and optimal decisions.

For more information, please e-mail AMCS at [email protected] or call 1-800-962-9264.

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