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NothingWasted! Podcast

Waste360 chats with the rockstars of the waste, recycling and organics industry. Get a glimpse on the latest news and insights and the people behind this amazing industry. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes listen on how we pull off a successful WasteExpo every year. Trust us, it won't be a waste of your time.

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New Data - Who Dis? What Data Collection Can Do for You

How can you plan where you want to go, if you don’t know where you are? Data collection is crucial for establishing successful waste & recycling programs, especially in today’s volatile market. It’s necessary to measure and understand what and how much waste is being generated and discarded, and why. On top of that, the variances in reporting makes comparisons and benchmarking difficult, with each program having their own system, definitions, and reporting requirements. In this session from WasteExpo, you will hear examples of how industry leaders are working towards reporting consistency to take on data measurement, and how businesses can use data to identify and reduce their waste and costs to work towards closing the loop on zero waste. #NothingWastedPodcast

A Fresh Take: How Rising Leaders See the Waste Industry's Future

In a session for WasteExpo, a panel of young professionals, who are all 40 Under 40 winners, shared their perspective on the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the waste industry, how their professional motivations differ from other generations, and what they look for when it comes to leadership.

How to Achieve & Maintain Operational Efficiency

Listen to this session from WasteExpo's Hauler Roundtable as haulers discuss real-world insight into achieving and maintaining operational efficiency, best practices, implementing and utilizing the latest technology, managing employees, current challenges, what's coming on the horizon and more. 

0.jpegMike Schwalbach | President, Sierra Container

Mike Schwalbach, President of Sierra Container, who has 30+ years of industry experience and is self-proclaimed “world champion” of an unlikely game shares his insights on his desire to continuously build a people-driven company, how he supports a positive culture, technology’s role in the waste, recycling, and organics industry, and so much more!  

CFO Insights: A Look at the Waste & Recycling Industry

Hear from this outstanding line-up of speakers straight from WasteExpo. Learn about the role of the finance function in waste management, dealing with natural disasters, changing safety standards, and much more.

Steve Menoff, Senior Vice President, Civil and Environmental Consultants

Menoff, Steve.jpgLet's dig into landfills 101 with Steve Menoff, Senior Vice President at Civil & Environmental Consultants, takes his 35 years of landfill experiences & shares his insights all things landfills, including Subtitle D, the environmental track record of today’s landfills, innovation in the space, smart insights on leachate, PFAS, safety considerations and regulations, and more!


Post China & the Current Status of Recycling | Katie Sandoe, Chief Commercial Officer, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA); Bryon Luo,CEO, WinFibre US; and Cheryl Coleman, Division Director, RCSD at USEPA

Listen to one of our most popular WasteExpo sessions, “Post China & The Current Status of Recycling”, moderated by Ben Harvey, President, EL Harvey & Sons with Katie Sandoe, Chief Commercial Officer, Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWMA); Bryon Luo,CEO, WinFibre US; and Cheryl Coleman, Division Director, RCSD at USEPA. Learn about living in our new recycling reality, changing standards, new markets, the economics of recycling and more. Candid and timely insights await you. 

SJennings-Headshot-2017-cropped-004-193x300.jpgSean Jennings | President of Waste Pro

Sean Jennings, President of Waste Pro, insights on creating a values-driven environment, labor challenges, what it’s like to be a “millennial” in this business, and more!

JohnHanselman.jpgJohn Hanselman, CEO of Vanguard Renewables

Listen as John Hanselman, CEO of Vanguard Renewables, digs into how being a destination for organics helps solve the ongoing food waste challenge. Hear how to successfully turn that "waste" into high value renewable energy for farmers, haulers and waste generators.  John shares his insights on farm-based anaerobic digestion and how waste generators like Whole Foods and Gillette Stadium are mining their own food waste.

caesarwilliam-wm*750xx1200-1605-0-50.jpgBill Ceasar, CEO at WCA Waste Corporation

From the CIA to a CEO at WCA Waste Corporation, Bill Caesar candidly shares his thoughts on leadership, safety, recycling, building a team and more. Hear this popular session from WasteExpo and see how Bill puts a human touch on managing a team. Enjoy his chat with Darryl Smith of the NWRA and a bonus Q&A at the end! 

ms1307_58_1.jpg Anne Germain, VP, Technical & Regulatory Affairs, National Waste & Recycling Association

Anne Germain, VP, Technical & Regulatory Affairs, National Waste & Recycling Association, has seen the waste and recycling industry transform over the last 25 years.  We talked with Anne about the new reality of recycling, PFAS, packaging, customer education, plastic exports, and more!  (oh and why she gave up her car!)

Tori.jpgTori Carle, Waste Reduction Supervisor for City of Greensboro, NC

Meet Tori Carle, Waste Reduction Supervisor for the City of Greensboro. From initially thinking waste is gross to now living and breathing recycling, Tori's passion and public sector perspective are priceless. She's making enormous strides when it comes to helping  her community recycle. Listen to see how technology plays a critical role in education and reducing contamination, the challenges of the public sector, and so much more. 

Unknown.jpegSusan Robinson, Senior Director of Sustainability at Waste Management

A 30-year career, an open mind, and an optimistic (yet pragmatic) viewpoint have made Susan Robinson, Federal Public Affairs Director at Waste Management,  one of the most influential people in waste and recycling. Listen as she shares her invaluable insights on technology, diversity, environmental impacts, recycling, why we should have an optimistic outlook on the future, and so much more!

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 8.25.18 PM.png

Kristin Kinder, VP of Research and Waste Stream Sustainability at Wastequip

Meet Kristin Kinder, VP of Research and Waste Stream Sustainability at Wastequip. She's an environmentalist whose passion for sustainability started to bloom in Kindergarten. But, it wasn’t until she lived in Germany that she embraced their culture around consumption. We sit down with Kristin to discuss her deep insights on collaboration, sustainability, the future of the waste stream, advice to young professionals and so much more.

0.jpegWade Scheel, Director of Governmental Affairs at Stericycle

When it comes to regulations in hazardous waste management, Wade Scheel, Director of Governmental Affairs for Stericycle, has 30 years worth of experience to share with you. We sit down with Wade to discuss EPA's new management standards, the opioid crisis, EPR responsibility of sharps, where you can learn about staying compliant, what regulations are on the horizon, and more! 

Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 11.48.02 AM.pngRyan Hickman, Founder of Ryan's Recycling

At only 9 years old, Ryan Hickman has big dreams of saving the planet (and feeding those California sea lions) one bottle and can at a time. We talked to Ryan about how $5 from his first trip to a recycling facility turned into a huge passion, how his family helps with Ryan's Recycling, his successful beach cleanups, and how this helps him master math and geography. Oh and how he met Ellen DeGeneres and took over Lebron James' Instagram story. (true story!) Get ready to be inspired by this young entrepreneur.

Anne Bahr Thompson, author of Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit0.jpeg

Anne Bahr Thompson, author of Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit, has been motivating business leaders to use their brands as a force for change. She shares her insights on how research proves that doing "good" boosts more than just your bottom line, the importance of sincerity, what companies are good brand citizens, the CEO’s role in brand citizenship, what individuals can do to be more sustainable, why caring for your employees is priority one, and more!


Josh Cohen.jpegJosh Cohen, Founder & CEO, The Junkluggers

Starting at the age of 21 with his mom's SUV and a great idea, Josh Cohen, founder & CEO of JunkLuggers & Remix Market, has a big hairy audacious goal of keeping 100% of items they haul away out of landfills by 2025. We talked about how technology has altered how he runs his business, why connecting with the customer on a personal level is critical, what franchising success looks like, and why company culture and passion win. Listen to this great conversation with a young entrepreneur who is helping the planet one lug at a time. #NothingWastedPodcast

Adam Minter headshot.jpgAdam Minter, author of Junkyard Planet & journalist at Bloomberg

From scrapyard kid to acclaimed author, Adam Minter, author of Junkyard Planet and journalist at Bloomberg, has much to share. Listen as we talk about the many challenges of global recycling, waste trends, e-waste, his new book Secondhand, the packaging crisis in China, and much more. It's a jam-packed episode you won't want to miss! 


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Sarah.pngSarah Womer, Founder of Zero to Go & Sustainability Consultant at Great Forest

Sarah saw a recycling problem in her hometown, which propelled her to take action, turning her biggest passion into a grassroots recycling business "Zero to Go”. Waste360 chats with Sarah about how she navigated through the industry, how she diverted 60 tons of waste from landfills, how she inspired others in her community, thoughts on marine debris, how she's helping a brewery recycle and more! #NothingWastedPodcast


2017-Kevin_Atkinson_2 copy.jpgKevin Atkinson, Founder & CEO of Texas Pride Disposal

What do you get when you mix equal amounts passion and service? Tremendous organic growth in the waste and recycling industry. Listen to our chat with Kevin Atkinson, Founder & CEO of Texas Pride Disposal, as he shares how he went from two trucks to thousands of customers.  Hear how he paved his way into the industry, how Texas Pride Disposal helped Houston bounce back after the devasting Hurricane Harvey, and what he sees in the future of waste & recycling. His valuable tips on growing organically are priceless to haulers and businesses of all types. 



JasonGates.pngJason Gates, CEO & Co-founder of Compology

Jason Gates was destined to be in the world of waste and recycling. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Compology, his company brings efficiency to waste and recycling services through accurate, timely dumpster data collection. We sit down with Jason to discuss how he started his career, where sneakers played a role in Compology's origin story (true story!), where he sees the industry in the future, what tips he has for young professionals and so much more.



Matanya Horowitz, CEO of AMP Robotics

Matanya Horowitz’s love for robotics started on Saturday mornings watching The Jetsons. Now, he takes his passion for robotics and technology to improve recycling. Waste360 NothingWasted! sits down with Matanya to discuss how technology is moving at warp speed, the economics of recycling, the robot tax, and how he turned AMP Robotics into a thriving company while having fun along the way. Enjoy this one, we certainly did!


Michele Nestor, President, Nestor Resources

A career in waste and recycling, what could be better? Waste360 NothingWasted! sits down with Michele Nestor, President of Nestor Resources, to discuss how the industry has changed in the last 20+ years. Hear her smart insights on single-use plastics, e-waste, food waste, recycling and much more!

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