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Audi Finds Success with “MaterialLoop” Project by Recycling Old Cars into New Ones

Photo by Audi audi materialloop MR1540.jpg
The Audi joint project, MaterialLoop, is working at recycling old vehicles and reusing those materials to build new ones, reducing the environmental toll of vehicle production.

With the massive joint project, MaterialLoop, Audi is showing off how old cars can be repurposed into new ones. MaterialLoop is working to “close the loop” with steel, aluminum, plastic, and glass, working to cycle the materials and using them to build new cars, reducing emissions and waste.

Audi is working with 15 partners in research, recycling, and supplying on its MaterialLoop project, with the goal of saving materials and reusing them in production effectively lowering a vehicle’s impact on the environment.

In October 2022, Audi claims 100 vehicles were dismantled as part of MaterialLoop and sorted those materials into different groups. The aftermath suggested that over 85 percent of the steel and over 60 percent of the aluminum from the vehicles can be reused in future car production.

Read the full article here.

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