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Tupperware Introduces Material Made from Mixed Plastic Waste

Tupperware Brands has introduced certified circular polymers, a new renewable material manufactured by SABIC.

Tupperware Brands Corporation, a global marketer of food preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home, announced its collaboration with SABIC, a global leader in the petrochemical industry and long-term supplier of Tupperware Brands, for the introduction of certified circular polymers into its product offerings. This collaboration with SABIC highlights the shared commitment by both companies to advance a more circular economy, where plastic waste and materials are used, reused and repurposed to continue their lifecycle.

Beginning this summer, Tupperware will introduce the certified circular polymers in new products that aid in the reduction of single-use plastic products, including a portable reusable straw and an on-the-go coffee cup.


"Tupperware Brands is committed to meeting the needs of today's consumers, who are increasingly asking for solutions that mitigate waste and advance a more circular economy. The introduction of this new material, and the products in which they will be used, reflect our continued dedication to further reduce our environmental footprint at all levels of the product lifecycle—from design, production and distribution to products' use and reusability—and also reflects our heritage of innovation and sustainable design," said Bill Wright, Tupperware Brands' executive vice president of product innovation and supply chain, in a statement.

"We are pleased to extend our collaboration with Tupperware Brands as we are unified in our goal to deliver high-quality solutions made from advanced, recycled materials that address consumer needs and safety standards," said Sergi Monros, vice president of performance polymers and industry solutions at SABIC, in a statement. "We continue to innovate with materials and look to create more sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions to support a circular economy. Our material is made through a process that takes mixed plastic waste destined for disposal, breaks it down to its original raw state and recreates high-quality plastic that maintains the purity and quality that are the hallmark of Tupperware products."

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