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Proposal to Overhaul California’s Beverage Container Recycling Program Stalls at State Capitol

The current program has struggled with deficits for years.

The State of California has been struggling with recycling for quite some time now. Last year alone, hundreds of recycling centers closed, causing its diversion rate to plummet even more.

In an effort to improve recycling rates, a proposal to overhaul the state’s longtime Beverage Container Recycling Program has been submitted. But, to no surprise, the proposal has stalled at the state capitol.

Capital Public Radio has more information:

A proposal to overhaul California's decades-old Beverage Container Recycling Program has stalled at the state Capitol. 

The program has struggled with deficits, and last year hundreds of recycling centers closed around the state. Part of the proposal that failed a Senate floor vote would’ve ended an exemption for wine and liquor bottles. It would’ve also shifted running the recycling program over to distributors.

But Republican Senator Jim Nielsen wasn’t won over.

Read the full story here.

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