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Giving Up Plastics for LentGiving Up Plastics for Lent

February 22, 2016

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Giving Up Plastics for Lent

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My Dad used to joke that he gave up chocolate marshmallow milkshakes for Lent. The punch line is that he never drank chocolate marshmallow milkshakes, so it wasn't a terribly difficult burden.

"Dad" humor. I used to be a victim, now I'm an offender.

The story came to mind today when I read Carol Janus' blog from the Center for a New American Dream, "Why give up chocolate for Lent when you can give up plastic?"

Janus, the volunteer chairperson for the Washington National Cathedral's environment committee, wrote about how she started a "give up plastic for Lent" project at the church last year.

"It seems I get two reactions to the idea," she wrote. "It’s either great enthusiasm or I’m asked 'What? Give up plastic? That’s impossible!' Plastic use has become such an integral part of our lives, and it does seem impossible to give it up."

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