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Illinois AG Announces Pact with Clinton Landfill Over Pollutants

Illinois AG Announces Pact with Clinton Landfill Over Pollutants

A controversial Central Illinois landfill will be prohibited from accepting certain kinds of chemical wastes without first obtaining a green light from local governments under a long-awaited settlement unveiled Thursday.

In an announcement by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Clinton Landfill Inc. agreed to a consent decree preventing the facility from accepting wastes such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which are found in old electric devices, plastics, some paints and insulation materials.

In addition, the landfill will be banned from taking in manufactured gas plant wastes.

"Clinton Landfill attempted to evade state law by not seeking local approval to accept certain chemical waste," Madigan said in a prepared statement. "This action will prohibit the landfill from receiving hazardous waste, and it protects the public's right to be heard before chemicals are accepted by landfills in their neighborhoods."

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