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Oregon County Wrestling with $1.5M Waste System Shortfall

Lane County, Ore.,’s waste management system is facing a budget shortfall of $1.5 million—money that needs to be set aside for the expansion of the Short Mountain landfill. The landfill will need a new cell in 2025 based on the current rate of waste entering the site per day. has the story:

The County hired outside consultants for ideas on how to save money, and also took input from the public. One idea that was quickly crossed off was closing rural transfer stations.

At a work session Wednesday, the Board of Commissioners looked at a new list of proposals and will take a final vote in the next few weeks. That list includes shutting down only one transfer station… Mapleton, which the County says is both the least-used and the least efficient. If the proposals pass, this station would cease operations by October 1.

Read the full story here.


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