Republic Opens High Btu Facility in Ga.

Phoenix-based Republic Services and Renewable Solutions Group, Winder, Ga., have opened a high British thermal unit (Btu) landfill gas-to-energy facility at the Oak Grove Landfill in Winder, Ga. According to both companies, the facility is the first in the state’s history.

“With the Oak Grove plant now operational, Republic Services and Renewable Solutions Group have together achieved a significant goal to initiate and complete this innovative landfill gas beneficial use project,” said Bill Held, director of landfill gas projects for Republic, in a press release. “We realize the environmental and economic value of these types of projects and congratulate our partner Renewable Solutions Group for implementing this innovative and productive use for the methane that is produced in the landfill.”

The facility will reportedly supply enough energy to heat 10,500 homes and reduce the landfill’s annual carbon dioxide emissions by 44,500 tons.