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Norway Invites New York to Explore its New Waste Disposal System

Article-Norway Invites New York to Explore its New Waste Disposal System

In Norway, the City of Bergan appointed BIR Nett AS to develop a waste disposal system based on The Bossnet, an underground vacuum network. The system, which includes a network of large underground pipes spread throughout the city center, recently rolled out its first phase in fall 2015.

The pipes transfer the city’s waste to the outskirts of the city, where it is automatically sorted into predefined containers for trucks to transport to recycling plants. The waste can also be converted into energy and pumped back into the city center for heating purposes.

Norway is very proud of its new waste disposal system, and the CEO of BIR Nett AS even invited the authorities of New York to visit the City of Bergan to explore the new system.

Crain’s New York Business has the details:

With regards to "New York's garbage mess stinks" (March 21), consider what is taking place in the beautiful city of Bergen. The second-largest city in Norway, with approximately a quarter of a million inhabitants, it is the main port of call for tourists who wish to visit the fjords, the mountains and the rugged nature which can be easily reached from the city center.

Eight years ago, Bergen decided that a waste disposal system based on an underground vacuum network called The Bossnett, (“boss” is the local word for garbage, and “nett” = net) was to be introduced to the city center. This entailed laying a network of large underground pipes throughout the city center. It would also result in periodic disruption for motorists and pedestrians. Nevertheless, the work started a few years ago after Bergen appointed our company (BIR Nett AS) to build and operate the system. Today, the first part of the system is already in use and fully operative.

Read the full story here.

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