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Maryland’s Governor Recognizes Miller’s NWRA Contributions

The proclamation was delivered to Chaz Miller during the Annual Crabfest of the Maryland Chapter of NWRA.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan presented Chaz Miller, outgoing director of policy of the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) a proclamation recognizing his 27 years of service “advancing the economic and environmental excellence of the waste and recycling industry in our State and the Nation.”

The proclamation was delivered to Miller during the Annual Crabfest of the Maryland Chapter of NWRA—a networking event for leaders in the private waste and recycling industry with operations in Maryland and beyond.

Miller’s career in the industry began when he joined the EPA in the summer of 1976 working on its source separation program.

In a recent column he authored, Miller wrote about his work on recycling issues and added, “I have also had the good fortune to work on other garbage-related issues including flow control, interstate and international waste transportation, truck safety (we are, after all, a trucking industry), even transfer station siting.  All of these issues have been fascinating.  I have enjoyed working for an industry that provides essential environmental services.  After all, we help keep America clean.  Who could ask for anything more?”

While Miller has retired from full time employment, he still plans to be involved in the industry. “I will continue to work part time on one or two key issues and I will keep writing this column,” wrote Miller. “I also hope to keep talking trash at waste and recycling conferences.  Finally, to the members of the National Waste & Recycling Association who have tolerated and supported me for so long, thank you.”

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