Heavy Metal Thunder

May 1, 2001

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Heavy Metal Thunder

Michael Fickes

Heil trash and recycling collection trucks come in three standard categories: rear loaders, side loaders and front loaders. Within each category, Heil's research and development team has created numerous variations fitted to specific collection needs. Here's a look at the basic line.

Rear Loaders

Formula 4000 and Formula 4000N: With more than 15,000 units on the road, Formula 4000 ranks as the best-selling mid-range rear loader in the world, according to Heil. Sizes range from 11 to 25 cubic yards. Features include a snoutless, low-maintenance ejector with an elevated cylinder boss; an open front head for access to the ejector cylinder for maintenance; an abrasion-resistant, high-tensile strength sub-floor with interlaced construction; three container handling options; and high-visibility lighting. The Formula 4000N model packs all of these features into a narrow width vehicle.

Formula 4060: Developed for New York City, the Formula 4060 adds a split body and tailgate to the Formula 4000's basic features and accommodates the collection of recycled materials and trash.

DPF Formula 5000: The need for high-compaction payload residential collection has produced sales of more than 14,000 Formula 5000 rear loaders, according to Heil's records. The Formula 5000 models range in size from 18 cubic yards to 32 cubic yards. The design features a smooth, single-sheet body; protected and concealed hydraulic tubes; and an interlaced sub-frame. The unit includes a high-angle ejector cylinder mount. Controls allow one-handed operation of the packer, and the system reloads in 9 to 11 seconds, according to the company.

Big Bite: Designed for harsh industrial and construction waste applications, the DuraPack Big Bite comes in three models, ranging in body capacity from 25 cubic yards to 32 cubic yards. For the Big Bite, Heil's characteristic interlaced sub-frame offers extra cross-members. Features include a fully welded interlaced subframe; 80,000 pounds per square inch (psi) minimum yield, high-tensile steel body components; 150,000 psi minimum yield steel in the tailgate; a reinforced and sloped hopper floor with a curved blade; and an ejector/packer assembly with 118,000 pounds of packing force. Options include a variety of lighting and container handling devices.

Side Loaders

Retriever: For small startup or satellite operations, the Retriever has been designed for small communities, airports, parks and recreation areas, and apartment complexes. Customers also can use the Retriever to round-up missed pickups. A specially designed rear tailgate allows the transfer of loads into full size rear loaders. The Retriever comes in 6 and 10 cubic yard models that pack 600 to 900 pounds per cubic yard of trash. With gross vehicle weights of 16,000 and 20,000 pounds, the Retriever does not require a commercial drivers license (CDL) to operate.

R2000: A dual chamber compacting unit for recycling collections, the R2000 features a dual swing-link packing mechanism. The R2000 comes in capacities of 33 and 38 cubic yards.

MSL: A one-person, semi-automated side-loading collection system complete with a fully welded, interlaced sub-frame and a one-piece seamless body side, the MSL handles routes with carts or bagged refuse. The MSL comes in three sizes ranging from 26 to 33 cubic yards.

Formula 7000 Square: A Heil standard for 20 years, the Formula 7000 stands among the first automated side-loading collection trucks ever designed. Today's version combines a 72-inch reach and 2,000-pound lift capacity with a cycle time that has crept under 8 seconds. Three available Formula 7000 Square models can handle containers ranging from 90 to 300 gallons. Capacities range from 26 to 33 cubic yards.

Formula 7000 Split Body: The 7000 SB combines all the features of the Formula 7000 Square, but with a split body for routes requiring collection of two commodities, such as recyclables along with trash, or for two different types of recyclable commodities. This system works in conjunction with split containers to divert the separate commodities into the separate body compartments.

DPF F7000: This updated version of the Formula 7000 marries that model's side-loading lift to the DuraPack family of bodies.

Rapid Rail: More than 20 years old, the Rapid Rail concept made automated refuse collection practical in the 1980s. The 8-foot reach of the Rapid Rail lift arm makes a direct bee-line to the hopper, with no “kick-out,” allowing collection of containers set between parked cars and in other tight places. The system has an 8-second cycle time, according to the company. Other features include a patented paddle packer that continuously sweeps the hopper and eliminates the need to stop and pack out on the route. Recent design innovations have strengthened the loader harness and eliminated wires, according to the company. Rapid Rail is available in seven sizes, from 16 to 32 cubic yards.

DuraPack Rapid Rail: Rapid Rail side loading combined with the capacity of Heil's DuraPack body. This truck comes in three models with 26- to 33-cubic-yard capacities.

STARR System: A Heil exclusive introduced in 1997, the Semi Trailer Automated Rapid Rail, or STARR system, combines Rapid Rail side-loading with semi-trailer maneuverability. STARR units can turn through cul-de-sacs and T intersections, and their 48-foot trailers offer capacities of 33 to 37 cubic yards. When a STARR system trailer fills up, it can be uncoupled and taken to the landfill with virtually any tractor, leaving the STARR cab with its 8-foot Rapid Rail arm on the route. STARR trailers also can travel to landfills in tandem by using a fifth wheel and dolly assembly.

Python: Introduced this year, Heil's newest automated side-loader lift system, the Python, features an 8-second cycle time, 9-foot reach and below level grade pick-up. It includes machined bearing journals with greaseless bearings, and grabber gears and bearings housed in an oil bath gearbox. The unit features air-over hydraulic controls and large cylinders. The system operates at idle during lift and dump cycles.

Front Loaders

DuraPack Half/Pack: At age 16, the Half/Pack continues as a Heil standard in front-loading refuse trucks. The company's most recent model features clamp-on arms rated for 8,000 pounds, John Deere cylinders and programmable logic controllers with built-in diagnostics. The Half/Pack also features Heil's characteristic interlaced sub-frame and double-walled hopper sides. Available in full-eject and dumping models, Half/Packs provide 35 to 40 cubic yards of capacity and gross vehicle weights of 17,600 to 19,400 pounds. The Half/Pack also features safety features such as a cylinder-retention device that protects operators in the event of accidents, hydraulic Shur-Lock tailgate locks and sure-grip access ladders.

DuraPack Half/Pack Classic: For the “simpler is better” Half/Pack customer, the Classic model offers the features of the regular Half/Pack without the programmable logic controls.

DuraPack Family SC: The SC model tailors the DuraPack concept to the requirements of Southern California.

DuraPack Family WC: The WC model tailors the DuraPack concept to the basic requirements of the West Coast.

DuraPack Family WC Classic: The West Coast version of the DuraPack also comes without programmable logic controls.

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