SG Blocks, Inc. Signs Distribution Agreement With Sanitec Industries LLC

March 30, 2022

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. --SG Blocks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGBX) (“SG Blocks” or the “Company”), a leading developer, designer, and fabricator of modular structures, announced today that the Company has entered into a ten year exclusive distribution agreement with Sanitec Industries LLC (“Sanitec”), a sustainable waste management company that is the global patent holder for the Sanitec Microwave Healthcare Waste Disinfection System™ for the State of New York with a right to expand to other states.

The Sanitec Microwave Disinfection Unit is designed to shred and disinfect biomedical waste, rendering the waste disinfected, unrecognizable, and of no greater risk to the public health than (normally associated with) residential household waste.

Sanitec Industries existing customers are primarily centered in healthcare facilities nationwide, ranging from large hospital systems to single practitioner doctors’ offices. These entities utilize Sanitec Microwave Healthcare Waste Disinfection Systems to transform dangerous healthcare waste into low-volume, unrecognizable, non-infectious material that requires no further treatment and can be safely disposed of in municipal landfills.

SG Blocks has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement that allows the Company to purchase, deploy, market and maintain Sanitec’s Microwave Disinfection Units in the State of New York, with a right to right to expand to other states on a ten-year exclusive basis if the Company deploys other units in other states. Sanitec’s products are expected to align greatly with SG Blocks’ uniform and efficient building method, which emphasizes high quality materials, durability, and sustainability. The benefits of Sanitec’s products are intended to include, but are not limited to, reduced costs, reduced liability and promotion of a cleaner environment.

SG Blocks is forming a new entity, SG Environmental Solutions Corp., to meet market need for sustainable, eco-friendly waste management and recycling infrastructure products.

“We are thrilled to share that we have annexed another vertical into our already nimble roster, with SG Environmental Solutions,” Paul Galvin, Chairman and CEO of SG Blocks explained. “We have been searching for the right match within this industry for some time now, and we believe Sanitec Industries is a perfect fit for this new sector. Its state of the art technology is fully automated, self-contained, extremely efficient, and environmentally compatible. We are very happy with our decision and look forward to its future success.”

Sanitec has worked with clients such as Columbia HCA Hospital, Korea Environment Corp, VA Medical Center, JFK Medical Center, and multiple universities such as University of Alabama, UC Davis and UC Irvine to name a few.

SG Blocks plans to utilize its existing and developing medical industry channels to advance sales of the Sanitec technology.

About SG Blocks, Inc.

SG Blocks, Inc. is a premier innovator in advancing and promoting the use of code-engineered cargo shipping containers for safe and sustainable construction. The firm offers a product that exceeds many standard building code requirements, and also supports developers, architects, builders and owners in achieving greener construction, faster execution, and stronger buildings of higher value. Each project starts with GreenSteel™, the structural core and shell of an SG Blocks building, and then customized to client specifications. For more information, visit

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